Harvest of Nauseating Remnants

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Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name Bowel Leakage
Album Name Harvest of Nauseating Remnants
Type EP
Released date 11 July 2014
Labels Self-Produced
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album1


1. Disseminating Facial Putridity 01:18
2. Suppurating Congestions of Feces 00:32
3. Decomposing Fetal Chunks 00:54
4. Reluctant Digestion of Stiff Junk 01:21
5. Sewing Up the Abdominal Rupture for the Successive Acts of Degradation (Last Days Of Humanity Cover) 00:28
6. Harvest of Nauseating Remnants 00:46
Total playing time 05:19

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Bowel Leakage

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