Har Nevo

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Band Name The Black Heart Rebellion
Album Name Har Nevo
Type Album
Released date 18 January 2013
Music StyleAtmospheric Sludge
Members owning this album3


1. Avraham 03:56
2. The Woods I Run From 06:07
3. Circe 03:41
4. Animalesque 05:34
5. Crawling Low and Eating Dust 05:44
6. Ein Avdat 06:28
7. Gold and Myrrh 04:19
8. Into the Land of Another 06:05
Total playing time 41:54

Review @ Satanicarchangel

19 June 2013

The bleakest album I've heard in a long time

Har Nevo is what I imagine A Sun That Never Sets would sound like if it was any good. Har Nevo takes a sludgy and atmospheric approach to folk music to create a heartfelt and diverse album.

To define the sound of Har Nevo is a daunting task, there is a wide range of influences on Har Nevo ranging from Dark Folk, Sludge Metal and Tribal. A good description of the sound would be a less metal fusion of Neurosis and Agalloch but without the Black Metal and Post Rock of Agalloch and without the boredom of Neurosis. Although such comparisons are a similarity in style more than anything else and Har Nevo is certainly an album with its own unique flair.

Har Nevo has a dark, tribal ambiance about it; the atmosphere feels oddly archaic and ancient. Like it’s the soundtrack to a historical film or something. It adds a lot of weight and depth to the music and gives it its own unique flair and identity. I’ve never heard music that sounds quite like this before, its dense and heavy whilst strangely being more folk than metal.

Har Nevo is a strange, atmospheric tribalistic beast; the guitars are fairly low in the mix whilst drums and other percussive elements compliment the music. The vocals feel tired and worn out, it works excellently when mixed with the equally tired music. Although usually when an album sounds really worn out then I usually get bored, however the languid delivery on Har Nevo works in its favour. It creates a suitably bleak and emotionally draining essence to the music, in that regards Har Nevo is a very tiring album. The musicians feel close to sleeping during the music because everything just feels drained of life and energy. The music isn’t complex by any means, it’s minimalistic and dark with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. The way in which everything comes together is a high selling point, everything brilliantly in conjunction with the music to create an emotionally dense and draining album. Although Har Nevo may not be depressing in the traditional sense, I haven’t felt this emotionally drained since The Sullen Sulcus.

Har Nevo is absolutely phenomenal in presenting a very tired, languid and hopeless atmosphere through the use of primitive and sludgy folk. Whereas Neurosis bored me on A Sun That Never Sets with its bleak folk influenced dirge, The Black Heart Rebellion on the other hand have succeeded in creating a powerfully bleak atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve heard any other album that so perfectly portrays the feelings of depression. Har Nevo is so wonderfully powerful in expressing the tired and worn out feelings of depression that it’s impossible not to get affected by. Har Nevo is depressed music for the depressed, happy people stay well away.

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