Halford IV - Made of Metal

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Band Name Halford
Album Name Halford IV - Made of Metal
Type Album
Released date 27 September 2010
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album91


1. Undisputed 05:17
2. Fire and Ice 02:52
3. Made of Metal 03:55
4. Speed of Sound 04:32
5. Like There's No Tomorrow 04:20
6. Till the Day I Die 03:50
7. We Own the Night 03:54
8. Heartless 03:38
9. Hell Razor 03:44
10. Thunder and Lightning 05:28
11. Twenty-Five Years 07:01
12. Matador 05:39
13. I Know We Stand a Chance 03:51
14. The Mower 04:37
Total playing time 1:02:38

Review @ Dr.Feelgood

08 December 2010
The Metal God is here again. The moment that Judas Priest have no announcements about a new album or something else, Rob Halford has recorded the album Made of Metal showing that he can still sing and write songs which are difficult to forget. His last album Winter Songs was somehow a fail, but this one is much better even though the first sample was not as enthusiastic as we had expected.

Made of Metal is an album which if you listen to you will see that the most songs are perfect. The song "Made of Metal" is horrible and in my opinion the album would be much better if it had not been included in with some other tracks like "Till the day I die", "Heartless", "Thunder and lightning" and "Twenty-five years".

Now once you listen to the track "Undisputed" you forget the bad songs because it is a strong one and songs like this we want to hear from the Metal God. Roy Z through the solo of this song shows us why he is regarded as one of the best guitarists even if he is not as recognized as he should be, but it is never late. It is known that students want to act like their teachers, but the song "Fire and ice" has us see that this time the teacher is heard like his student. The student is Primal Fear and the teacher who else... Halford. Just listen to it and you will see what I mean by this. Songs like "Like there's no tomorrow", "Matador", the two best for me, and "Hell Razor" are easily remembered and I am sure that they will be part in the setlists of the band's lives.

Rob in this album sings in normal levels and this because he has stopped the screams after the Angel Of Retribution and we also can see that through the album A Touch Of Evil:Live. Well he is not able to do it anymore, BUT the last track "The Mower" makes the difference and proves that Rob may not sing in High levels, but he has not forgotten how to do it. This song leaves me a pleasant thought that one day I will hear of him screaming like never before!

The album is somehow excellent and in this period of time that heavy metal is at its best I think that its songs will be heard in many rock clubs. Another good moment is "Hell razor" a song which reminds me of the old good days of Judas Priest, especially because of the way that Rob sings!

Just take out of your mind the first songs which I mentioned, listen to it without any complex and here you are! Afford for it fearless!

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Comment @ lejanni

22 January 2011

MADE OF METAL is a good piece of Heavy Metal, which has few drawbacks.

After the new Helloween album, 2010 sees the next Heavy Metal blast record! Rob Halford (Judas Priest) releases his fourth album, Made of Metal. 'Undisputed' wastes no time and immediately initiates uninhibited headbanging. The very first song itself shows the strength of Halford: engaging riffs, kickass solos and catchy lyrics. 'Fire and Ice' or 'Speed of Sound' follow up and deliver the same brilliant songwriting of Halford, always finding the perfect mixture of all metal elements you need.

In the middle section the record gets a little weaker. 'We own the night', 'Heartless' and 'Hell Razor', although solid songs, they do not really knock you socks off. For production reasons, the vocals could use more pressure sometimes, but in general everything is fine there.

However, Halford makes up for these small shortcomings by a good sense of variety. The title track 'Made of Metal ' comes up with vocal effects and synthesiser fields, which adapt perfectly to the pumping riffs. 'Till the day I die ' presents itself in a dusty Country / Southern Rock coat, while in 'Twenty Five Years' Mr. Halford reflects on the setbacks and obstacles of the past 25 years. After this breathing space the listener travels to Spain in 'Matador', to cut down the bull's horns with an angle grinder.

Made of Metal is a good piece of Heavy Metal, which has few drawbacks. The crushing 'The Mower' at the end is a typical Rob Halford and a loud finale.

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