Ground Zero Conflict

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Band Name Juggernaut (BRA)
Album Name Ground Zero Conflict
Type Album
Released date July 2011
Labels Self-Released
Recorded at Ecostudios
Music StyleThrash Metal
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Review @ jimicok

14 February 2015

Treading our heads a great album

I wondered in recent times by a job of a few years ago. For various reasons, I had never given the deserved importance to Ground Zero Conflict of Juggernaut, but a while now discovered this gem, this jewel between the fingers and had not noticed.
The most you listen out for Brazil in the last five years, that would be a great definition for this board, a technical Thrash Metal with an air of Death in several passages, a forceful and impressive melody, are the details that catch you from Ground Zero Conflict. I do not know if you define it as Technical Thrash or Death Thrash, or even as Thrash Metal, but beyond a name for what they do, I have no doubt that this board is the definition of what I want hear.
To give an idea, could imagine this album as merging the best technical passages from the Human, Individual Thought Patterns and The Sound of Perseverance Death Metal with Thrash American and sound recording this new era records. There is no denying the enormous influence of Chuck Schuldiner in this project, but beyond the clear identificatory brushstrokes of works of Dad Death Metal, this album printed on huge amounts of violence a fresh sound, not staying only in the work of Chuck but , giving a new air force.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ecostudios, Timbo, Santa Catarina, Brazil between January 2009 and May 2010 produced by Celio Jr. who also executed the guitars and do the cover art and the concept of the album along with Alcides The Burn Junior photographs by Makila Crowley, sound engineering by Paul Demarchi. Besides the already named Celio Jr. on guitar, is found to Valdecir Valda Hilbert low, Cicero on vocals and Carlos Lana on drums and participation in the guitar solos from last run Undercurrents of Rafael Scopel, the album was released independently in July 2011.
It is difficult to find a point that protrude above the others on this board, because the sound is as close to perfect as one can get, clear, forceful, strong, yet powerful and cool, drum and bass passages reminiscent of the best passages of Death, thrashy riffs, fast, clear and forceful guitars, a heartbreaking voice that closes all the instruments and recording show, the perfect union of a powerful Thrash Metal with a Technical Death Metal agglomerated in just over half an hour and seven executions.
I guess the only downside of the album is the scarcity of its duration, the average time it takes will fly by, but fortunately we have other previous works to lengthen our time with Juggernaut, drawing on the Edge Lines of 2006 or demo 2005.
For lovers of Thrash Metal, for lovers of technical, for Metal lovers, for those who enjoy daily gifts Chuck, a great album Brazilian, Ground Zero Conflict an album without waste definitely an album that I recommend it to everyone, regardless of gender prefer, is an album that has some or much of what you're looking, Juggernaut and Ground Zero Conflict one of the milestones of these years.

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