Grinding Christian Flesh

Band's List Thrash Black Infernus (USA) Grinding Christian Flesh
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Band Name Infernus (USA)
Album Name Grinding Christian Flesh
Type Album
Released date April 2015
Music StyleThrash Black
Members owning this album1


1. Intro
2. Grinding Christian Flesh
3. Worms of the Casket
4. Pagan Warfront
5. Candles, Horns and Tongues
6. Verminnihilation
7. Lay Your Souls Bare Before the Glory of Satan
8. Sodomfeast
9. Fetid Spawn of Bethlehem
10. Hang the Gutted Christians
11. Perversion Reliquary
12. Whore of Christ
13. Outro
14. Crush the Jewish Prophet
15. Black Metal Sodomy