Give Me Your Soul...Please

Band's List Heavy Metal King Diamond Give Me Your Soul...Please
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Band Name King Diamond
Album Name Give Me Your Soul...Please
Type Album
Released date 29 June 2007
Music StyleHeavy Metal
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1. The Dead 01:56
2. Never Ending Hill 04:36
3. Is Anybody Here? 04:12
4. Black of Night 04:00
5. Mirror, Mirror 04:59
6. The Cellar 04:30
7. Pictures in Red 01:27
8. Give Me Your Soul 05:28
9. The Floating Head 04:46
10. Cold as Ice 04:29
11. Shapes of Black 04:22
12. The Girl in the Bloody Dress 05:07
13. Moving On 04:06
Total playing time 53:58

Review @ Vinrock666

28 July 2008
King Diamond's 2007 release "Give Me Your Soul… Please" features a spattering of good metal but because of a weak storyline and some rather strange musical direction, the overall production of this record comes up short on the approval rating.

That's not to say there aren't any good songs.

"Mirror Mirror" might be the best one. It flashes a catchy guitar riff under the chorus and is also well placed with the first twist in the plot.
Just as great is the follow up track "The Cellar". This song is highlighted by the chorus introducing the signature voice of a little girl whining "mine, mine, mine, mine…" for King's soul.
To be fair, the first four songs (after the intro) showcases the hardest and heaviest parts of the album. It's after this halfway point when it gets weird. Rising action in a story is musically augmented best with faster and heavier songs.
Here, the further the story develops the direction of the tempo drops.
"Pictures in Red" starts out with some really trippy guitar pedaling, but when the hard part kicks in, the slowness of the beat feels like the tune is dragging. Alos, female vocals are featured on some of the lines here and although Livia Zila (who also apprears on "The Girl In The Bloody Dress", too) does a commendable job, the overall sound ends up soft as well.
"Shapes Of Black" does give us the both the harpsichord and the carnival organ for musical variety, but even here it ultimately does little to reverse the afformentioned trend.
By the time the album ends up at "Moving On" the metal well has run dry. What remains is the character of King wailing to the antagonistic girl under another layer of trippy guitar to leave him alone and go bother someone else… and that's it. King Diamond typifies classic Hollywood horror, but what we have here is an unorthodox positive resolution.

Now, spun around, an argument can be made that if you bypass the lyrics, what remains is some very solid bass work from Hal Patino backing up some impressive dual breaks and rhythm riffs by Mike Wead and Andy LaRocque.
Yet, its the great horror concepts that is the hallmark of a King Diamond album and, without it, "Give Me Your Soul… Please" ends up just being only half good !


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metal_flank - 29 July 2008: Pretty accurate review. I personally found the album to be more of a radio friendly attemp. None of the songs really stood out. This album seems better as background music than something one would sit down with a beer and listen to. I saw the video for Pictures In Red and I have to say, it was cool for the first minute, after that, the video sucked. They recycled corny video and bad CGI again and again, killing the joy you start out with. In a way, the album is the same. It starts out cool but then gets repetative and droll. Even the artwork was lame in the fact that the cover is all there is.... which is sooo not King Diamond. Compare the artwork to VooDoo. Now that's how you do artwork. To those who disagree, ask yourself honestly "Would I actually like this album if it was by some unknown band, instead of King Diamond?"
MikeSlave - 22 September 2012: The weakest KD's records.
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