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Band Name Gary Numan
Album Name Ghost
Type Album
Released date 1992
Labels Numa
Music StyleIndustrial Electro
Members owning this album0


CD1-01 Ghost (2:14)
CD1-02 Call Out The Dogs (3:54)
CD1-03 I Die : You Die (3:45)
CD1-04 Creatures (5:12)
CD1-05 I Can't Stop (3:44)
CD1-06 Me!, I Disconnect From You (3:13)
CD1-07 Tricks (5:42)
CD1-08 The Sleeproom (5:30)
CD1-09 My Breathing (6:04)
CD1-10 Cars (4:50)
CD2-01 Metal (3:16)
CD2-02 Sister Surprise (6:11)
CD2-03 This Disease (4:08)
CD2-04 We Take Mystery (To Bed) (6:19)
CD2-05 We Are Glass (4:38)
CD2-06 Are 'Friends' Electric? (6:42)
CD2-07 Down In The Park (4:50)
CD2-08 My Shadow In Vain (2:51)
CD2-09 Berserker (6:49)