Get Damned

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Band Name The Agony Scene
Album Name Get Damned
Type Album
Released date 23 October 2007
Labels Century Media
Produced by Andreas Magnusson
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album41


1. Barnburner
2. Predation
3. Dances with Devils
4. Adversary
5. White Nights
6. Rapture
7. Deliverance
8. Rattle Me Bones
9. The Opposition
10. Will to Bleed
11. Old Scratch
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
12. Do What You Want (Bad Religion Cover)
13. Kill the Poor (Dead Kennedys Cover)

Comment @ Flynn

30 May 2009
Seeming as The Agony Scene’s previous album “The Darkest Red” was my favourite album of all time I went out and bought the latest album “Get Damned” assuming it’d be equally good. But I guess I was fucking wrong!!!
“The Darkest Red” kicked arse because it had really well constructed drumming that mixed perfectly with the guitars. And Michael Williams actually pulled his weight around by using about three different vocal techniques that included screaming and singing in almost every song.
This latest album sounds like the drummer has a memory span of ten seconds because all he does is repeat the same fucking beat over and over again like he’s listened to too much Blink 182 or Green Day. Michael Williams screams in every song but one and the song he does end up singing in sounds so shit I could only listen to it once before asking myself “What the fuck happened to The Agony Scene?”
If you were also dumb enough to buy the album you might’ve noticed a sticker on it that said “This is The Agony Scene at their best” which was a cheap attempt by Century Media to brainwash people into buying the album… which fucking worked. *Bangs head on the table*
“The Darkest Red” was on the record company Roadrunner Records… naturally. Which is why there was no sticker on the front of the album case to make people want to buy the album because they just knew it’d be good being on roadrunner records. Bare in mind this is going back to the year 2005. Roadrunner Records seemed to want to sign up pretty bad bands as of 2007.
But at least “Get Damned” had a good opening song that got straight into the heavy stuff and wasn’t a soft ten minute opening tune of so called music that sounds like C-3PO fucking R2-D2.

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