From All Purity

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Band Name Indian
Album Name From All Purity
Type Album
Released date 17 January 2014
Produced by Sanford Parker
Music StyleSludge Doom
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1. Rape 08:00
2. The Impetus Bleeds 06:49
3. Directional 06:35
4. Rhetoric of No 06:28
5. Clarify 04:43
6. Disambiguation 07:58
Total playing time 40:33

Review @ VesselsOfBlood

14 February 2014

Relentless Sludge

Sludge quartet Indian took form in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, releasing a moderately large sleuth of full-length releases before joining the ranks of Relapse Records (Cephalic Carnage, Obscura, Cripple Bastards). After the critical success of "Guiltless" in 2011, "From All Purity," their fifth full-length album, would be released into the light of day in 2014 to bring forth its horrifying darkness.

Just like in the previous records, Indian aims to sound dark, repulsive, and destructive in its attack. For the most part, the band does succeed in this effort. The intriguing fusion between sludge, doom, and hints of black metal is carved into a compilation of songs that are slow but crushing like a pile driver. The tortured vocals and shrieks, murky guitars, background noises, and explosive percussion all coalesce in a less than pleasant but somewhat invigorating piece.

The album page on Relapse's website could not have stated it better: "This is the exact opposite of easy listening." Every second seeks to pack its punches and leave its bruises, but the way the album is paced and built-up, slowly-paced but progressive, helps in making it an attention-worthy listen. While a bit repetitive every now and then, there is no doubt that this record holds just as much brains as it has brawn. "Rhetoric of No" is a great example of this, as it destroys upon impact while keeping the audience invested in its careful craft.

The production also plays a huge role in the album's compelling sound. It was done by Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Circle Of Animals), who also produced and mixed albums for Wolvhammer, Coffinworm, and Unearthly Trance, and he does wonders here. The atmosphere of the music is so intense and thick that it adds to its sheer violence, making the album overall more of a captivating experience.

The biggest detriment with "From All Purity," however, would probably be this one track entitled "Clarify." While it tried to have this drone-like haunting sound to it, it does come across as grating on the ears, but not in a good, metaphorical way like the others. The noises are too high-pitched and screechy and simply doesn't fare nearly as well as the rest of the tracks. It's only an interlude track, thankfully, so it doesn't really take away too much of "From All Purity's" enjoyment value.

"From All Purity" is a really solid sludge-doom release. Although the album is a bit repetitive at times and "Clarify" is difficult to listen to, the songs do a good job of representing the genre in some of its rawest form, and this makes way for an enjoyably sickening listen. It has a powerful atmosphere and the music is written in a way that it pummels the audience's eardrums, but they enjoy pretty much every minute of it. "From All Purity" isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of violent music, this is a good one to check out.

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LeLoupArctique - 26 May 2014: Thanks for the review, I heard about this band, their music looks pretty good. Your review will surely make me listen to it even more !
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