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Band Name Allegaeon
Album Name Formshifter
Type Album
Released date 08 May 2012
Music StyleMelodic Death
Members owning this album75


1. Behold (God I Am) 07:18
2. Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst 04:23
3. A Path Disclosed 04:29
4. Iconic Images 07:11
5. Twelve: Vals for the Legions 04:24
6. The Azrael Trigger 05:00
7. From the Stars Death Came 05:25
8. Timeline Dissonance 03:21
9. Formshifter 03:18
10. Secrets of the Sequence 06:02
Total playing time 50:51

Review @ Metalhead108

10 April 2013

Great Melodic Death that cannot be overlooked

Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Fort Collins, California, Allegaeon isnt the most well known band in this scene. I have seen live footage from one of their shows and there were literally only about 50 or so people in the crowd. I believe that this band should be much more popular than they actually are. Almost everything about this record is damn near perfect, however there are some things that i personally did not like.

When talking about guitars, Greg Burgess and Ryan Glisan are very inventive and creative with their melodies and harmonies. First of all, they are using eight string guitars, which allows them to make elaborate solos and technical verse riffs. I really liked the acoustic element they put in songs like "A Path Disclosed" and "Behold (God I Am)". The acoustic gives it sort of a foreboding feeling that something is about to blow your mind and then the song explodes into a fury of technical metal. The guitars delivered and made this album a very fun and enjoyable listen.

The drums in this album are absolutely outstanding! The technicallity that the drummer can unleash is magnificent and everything was so tight and accurately placed and really gave the listener a great beat to bang his or her head to. I can't really say that much about the drums that i did not like, the one thing that i would love is more technicallity in the kick drums. I'm not talking about speed, he is great at getting good speed but im talking about odd rythyms that really catch the listeners attention and impress the listener.

Vocals are a minor weak point in this album. The lyrics are awesome and fit the musical material very well but i feel that the actual vocals themselves got kind of lazy with the range. I understand that not everybody can get brutal low growls or insanely high screeches but i wouldve liked to see a little more variety in the range in the vocals. Other than that, i liked the vocals that the vocalist and some vocals that the bassist contributes very much.

Overall this album was love at first listen for me. The very first song, "Behold (God I Am)," opens up with a fantastic acoustic section and then goes into a magnificent explosion and really catches the listeners attention. If you are still wondering where to start, i would listen to "Behold (God I Am)" and "A Path Disclosed" (displayed below) to get a grasp of what Allegaeon is all about. This album was better produced and better musically than their first record, and i would give this album a high score of 19/20

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