Flames of Hate

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Band Name Death Vomit (IDN)
Album Name Flames of Hate
Type Video
Released date 13 November 2009
Music StyleBrutal Death
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1. Intro
2. Summon Infernal Spirit
3. Senseless Revenge
4. Perpetual Punishment
5. At Your Dying Faith
6. Atrocious Behaviour
7. Hatred Creation
8. GBM
9. Beyond the Black
10. Gelap
11. Flesh and Blood
12. Mental Disorder Sufferer
13. Regorging the Decimated
14. Anthems to Hate
15. Criminally Insane (Slayer Cover)

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Death Vomit (IDN)

Comment @ metalord999

22 July 2016

13 Years Burning

This DVD made it when Death Vomit show on June 2008, in himself city.

The first video is opened with the intro, as if to burn boisterous spectators who had thronged in front of the stage barricade. Next Summon Infernal Spirit, shouted by (vocal) with growl fusion also semi guttural. Without the weight, of three men successfully deliver the euphoria of the audience to be wild again. Then continued Senseless Revenge, spoiling the audience with dynamic drumming of Roy also shredding by vocalist-guitarist and game bass is equally special though using only the 4 string.

Perpetual Punishment, drawn from the 1999 demo successfully hone the audience's ears to be bled again. Plus the layout of colored lights to make it more aesthetically pleasing concert video, then continued At Your Dying Faith taken from their first album in 2006. Their game is still very dynamic without significant error, Atrocious Behavior still on the demo in '99 did recipes fitting to stuff my ears of the audience in the next track.

Then greeted Hatred Creation, still with the theme of brutal death metal in the style of Dying Fetus. Then G.B.M or extension of God Betrayed Me, dropped sharply from the stage. Then there are songs that introduced them in the early days of its emergence through a compilation album of bands Indonesia in 1997, recorded in the track's 10. Mercilessly play with brutal, with stamina is still stable even after 20 minutes standing on the stage, and Flesh And Blood taken from the album The Prophecy 2006 composition they play next.

Then they played tracks 12-14 with excessive force, seemed not to disappoint the audience. Then there was a cover song encore of a giant of American Trash Metal, Criminally Insane by Slayer.

All i know, this DVD concert is the first in the metal music scene Indonesia, yes ... They are looking to make history !!! With the game style of Dying Fetus are indeed a bit crazy!

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