Fistial Destruction

Band's List Thrash Heavy Ironfist Fistial Destruction
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Band Name Ironfist
Album Name Fistial Destruction
Type Compilation
Released date 2006
Music StyleThrash Heavy
Members owning this album2


1. Intronihillation - Fistial Wrath!
2. Tyrannikal Adversaries
3. Serpent Goddess Sexxxekution
4. Siamese Demonikal Possession
5. Bloddthirst of His Majesty
6. Masstormention - Shocking Asian Massakre
7. Invoking the Dragonspawn
8. Dragonlord Arise !
9. Mona's Curse
10. Slasher
11. Nuclear Children
12. Scavengers of the Undying
13. Virgineater
14. Abandonment of Chastity
15. Silent Sorrow
16. Tyrannikal Adversaries
17. Serpent Goddess Sexxxekution
18. Masstornmention - Shocking Asian Massakre

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