Fetal Dismemberment

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Band Name The Babykiller
Album Name Fetal Dismemberment
Type Album
Released date 04 February 2016
Labels Self-Released
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album0


1. Let The Mutilation Begin
2. Engorging Fecal Drenched Flesh
3. Cumming Inside Her Shredded Pussy
4. Sodomizing the Decomposed
5. Fetal Dismemberment
6. Pus Nodule Addiction
7. Splattered in Fecal Matter
8. Gorging on Putrid Entrails
9. Internal Putrefaction
10. Entrails Ripped from Her Anal Cavity
11. Post-Abortion Fist Fuck
12. Asphyxiating on the Stench of Decaying Flesh
13. Oral Sex with Her Severed Head
14. Degrading Necrophilic Activities
15. Lesbian Twins Fornication
16. Putrid Asshole Infestation
17. Cunt Gorging Damnation
18. Sadomasochistic Asshole Penetration
19. Exhume to Consume
20. Shit Bursting Headless Corpse
21. Phlegmatic Flesh Engorgement
22. Pregnant Whore Reverse-Abortion
23. Stillborn Baby Fuckment
24. Eyefucked Severed Skull

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