Far and Forever

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Band Name Heaven Rain
Album Name Far and Forever
Type Album
Released date 04 July 2008
Music StyleProgressive Power
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1. Before ? 01:54
2. Rain Will Fall Again 04:54
3. Beauty of You 04:27
4. Go Away 05:14
5. Can't Stay 03:50
6. Final Point 05:26
7. Never Give You Away 04:05
8. Far and Forever 05:59
9. Letter 05:01
Total playing time 39:50

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Heaven Rain

Igor Paspalj

Review @ Chbi

20 August 2008
Heaven Rain started in the home studio of Goran Bastinac (keyboards) in Banja Luka (RS) when he, and his friend Igor Papals (guitar), recorded a demo for the instrumental track "Rain Will Fall Again" in the summer of 2006. In 2007, Božidar Šević was called up by Goran to do some vocals and in the begining of 2008 Nebojša Lakić (drums) and Bojan Jokšić (bass) completed the band !

In the summer of 2008, Moonwolf Records released their debut album "Far and Forever", based on progressive and melodic metal and inspired by bands like Nightwish and Dream Theater.

The album exist of 9 mostly very symphonic tracks with memorable and powerfull melodies with some strong ambient and heavy metal influences, which make you think of Yngwie Malmsteen and a little touch of the 80's wherease other tracks are a bit softer and more mainstream (with a strong film soundtrack feel to it).

The vocals are not exceptional and the grammar didn't always seem an issue to these guys, but the guitar parts are very strong. Igor Paspalj is a highly skilled guitarist in his own right. The compositions could have been a bit more epic but are heartfelt and very true.
Unfortunately, the sound of the recording misses the rawness I think this band could have on stage, it could have been a little more daring, it's a bit too clean.

It's a debut album and you can hear it, but this is certainly not the average metal-album : this album tells a story and I highly recommend this album to all fans of symphonic metal !

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