Eximinious Execration of Exiguous Exequies

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Band Name Bodies Lay Broken
Album Name Eximinious Execration of Exiguous Exequies
Type Album
Released date 2003
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album3


1. Exutory Exsufflicate Exenterating Exertion
2. Edacious Florid Vacciniform Prurigo
3. Stercoraceous Affusion to Throttling Cataplexy
4. Embrocate Indiscutient Hirudinea Poultice
5. Larviposited Embolic Divulsing Laparocele
6. Gustative Hygric Ventral Caseation
7. Ectopic Dropsy and Debridement
8. Lichen Planus Malaxated Rowens
9. Iatraliptic Gaster Myxorrhea Humectant
10. Prodromal Mesenterium Torose Ramex
11. Muciparous Lienteric Unguent Enterolavage
12. Ribald Icteric Caseous Effrontery
13. Importunate Harrying Malactic Clyster
14. Foramen into Petechial Granulomatous Hepatopathy
15. Catheter Debouch Rodomontade Ronchi
16. Pants Down in the Graveyard
17. Ichorrhemia (Excernent Proctalgic Excrescency Part 2)
18. Gatism Palliating Carminative Agar
19. Disploding Acute Catarrhal Rhinitis
20. Acedic Intransigent Bougienage Hordeolum
21. Torelmous Bilchric Ardentiate Odynodynia
22. Hemalcelt Recrulse Obfuscate Obturator
23. Obstreperous Ectocommensal Obeisant Obtund
24. Nepthalora Imneupichum Qintulmirted Discountenance
25. Gangroidal Femitidinous Albeit Lesionitized Musca Domestica
26. Bapalsick Kinentumaceaton Frenculacing Inhemnanceous Tortua
27. No Exit

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Bodies Lay Broken