Escape from Twilight

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Band Name Emerald Sun
Album Name Escape from Twilight
Type Album
Released date 23 March 2007
Music StylePower Metal
Members owning this album23


1. Surise
2. Scream Out Loud
3. High in the Sky
4. The Traveller
5. Sword of Light
6. Eyes of Prophecy
7. Escape from Twilight
8. Emerald Sun
9. H.M.
10. The Story Begins
11. Not Alone
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
12. Call in the Night

Review @ Vinrock666

16 August 2008
Emerald Sun's 2007 LP "Escape from Twilight" goes beyond playing to their metal influences ; it is a complete and utter imitation of '80's Helloween.
The hard part about reviewing this album was searching for anything that signifies Emerald Sun music, and unfortunately there was little. Almost the entire album is unoriginal, and if there is a strong side to Emerald Sun it could be argued that they play "power metal" very well - verbatim to the very core of what defines that genre.

That being said, the synth intros are great, and the second track "Scream Out Loud" rings out an anthemic chorus with a candy-like feel to the ears. The slowed down parts is where there are signs of a potentially good band.
"High in the Sky", as chiche-riddled as it sounds, does feature a slow middle movement and "Not Alone", the ballad of the album, succeeds in delivering its emotional message.
"The Story Begins" can be argued as the best song even though it is a slow song - the medieval inspired time signature being the plus side to the piece.
The song "Emerald Sun" is also a good one, due to the epic nature on the whole, as well as the middle interlude adding some colorful spoken word chanting.

The vast majority of the album ; however, screams knock-off. The lead singer, Jimmy Santrazami, is touted in the L.M.P. enforced bio as a Michael Kiske sound-a-like, but (in truth) his voice is thin, untrained, and weak. A big songwriting mistake appears on "Sword Of Light" where the vocals are highlighted a capella thus revealing in glaring light these weaknesses. "H.M." on top of it's unoriginal lyrics even inserts stadium crowd noise in the middle, proving their desire to be at the end without regard to the means. The most positive thing that can be said about Emerald Sun's "Escape from Twilight" is that if you love power metal and can care less about whether it's been done before, then it great.

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