Empire of the Obscene

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Band Name Revocation
Album Name Empire of the Obscene
Type Album
Released date 12 February 2008
Music StyleDeath Thrash
Members owning this album74


 Tail from the Crypt
 Exhumed Identity
 Fields of Predation
 Alliance and Tyranny
 Suffer These Wounds
 Summon the Spawn
 None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
 Age of Iniquity
 Empire of the Obscene

 Summon the Spawn (Demo 2006)
 Unattained (Demo 2006)
 Suffer These Wounds (Demo 2006)

Total playing time: 01:11:23

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Review @ JakeDaSnake

17 February 2011

Awesome thrash death album from relatively new band

I first discovered Revocation at Despised Icon’s very last tour. They were one of the opening acts, along with Misery Index. They are a thrash death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts and have a very unique, almost heavy metal/hard rockish sound in a lot of their songs, very similar to Arsis’ later work, only joined heavily with progressive, thrash, melodic, and even black metal elements incorporated into their music. After their performance, I was VERY impressed, and decided to buy one of their albums with the left over money that I had. And I can assure you; this release was not a waste of money at all.

This album used a lot of different influences incorporated into thrash death. Their guitarist is incredible for one, almost never playing a single repetitive riff and able to play extremely fast and technical solos and licks. I also love how they manage to keep each track unique as it goes along, and how each track shows a hint of many different styles, including, as I said before, a few hard rock segments, some technical death metal, and much more. The band is able to keep very tight and fast throughout the album as well, and the recording sounds very professional. Out of all of the tracks, I would have to pick exhumed identity as my favorite track, because of its progressive feel and incorporation of the most different sounds. Another thing that is very cool about this album is the album cover, among other things. I’m a huge fan of the futuristic and science fiction art styles of album covers and other pieces of work. That’s not to say that this album doesn’t have its slight faults. The vocalist is great, but his voice sounds just slightly undeveloped. However, this is one of the only faults of the album, and in my opinion, doesn’t truly take away from the music at all.

All in all, this album deserves an 18/20 for delivering kick ass riffs and unique songs, all the while being fast, tight, and heavy throughout. I am glad that I bought this particular album, and would recommend it to any metal head or thrash fan.

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