Eclipse of a Myth

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Band Name Phantasmagoria (JAP)
Album Name Eclipse of a Myth
Type Live
Released date 2007
Produced by Tadashi Matsuura
Music StyleVisual Kei
Members owning this album1


1. Somato~Past sky~
2. Neo Ark
3. Never Rebellion
4. Mikansei to Guilt
5. Kyosokyoku -Variant Jihad-
6. Camouflage
7. Actuate Eden
8. At the Ends of the Rest Period
9. Nil Frontier
10. ...Lost in Thought
11. Glitter
12. Suicide Gemini
13. Uknown Zero Distance
14. Material Pain
15. Air...
16. Shinsokyoku -Cruel Crucible-
17. Pixy False
18. Gensoukyoku~Eternal silence~
19. Hikari Ni Furu Ame
20. Fairy Times Memory
21. Kami Uta
22. Instrumental

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Phantasmagoria (JAP)