Dragonforce String Tribute

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Band Name DragonForce
Album Name Dragonforce String Tribute
Type Tribute
Released date 02 December 2008
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album8


1. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Through the Fire and Flames 04:56
2. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Fury of the Storm 04:34
3. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Operation Ground and Pound 04:57
4. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Soldiers of the Wasteland 04:53
5. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Revolution Deathsquad 03:44
6. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Cry for Eternity 04:57
7. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Valley of the Damned 04:37
8. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - My Spirit Will Go on 04:44
9. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - The Flame of Youth 04:36
10. THE STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE - Storming the Burning Fields 04:25
Total playing time 46:23

Comment @ Vinrock666

10 August 2018

a studious and technically accurate replication

The only great positive about the String Players tribute to Dragonforce is that it reaffirms what anyone familiar with the band has argued all along, that Dragonforce is one of the most incredible and highly impressive metal bands out there today. The best evidence of this is the obvious omission of all the guitar solos from the original versions, most of them coming from the explosive 2006 album "Inhuman Rampage". The dueling heroics of Totman and Li are simply too great to be accurately replicated, and on this album, they don't even try. The overriding failure of this tribute is either due to the poor translation of the album from metal to classical or the poor interpretation of Dragonforce's essence, attitude, and message. The playing style of the lead violinist, although quite beautiful, is so soft and smooth that the songs lose their edginess and uplifting meaning. What the String Players do bring to this album is a studious and technically accurate replication of the themes and rhythm sections of the original tracks. Although most of the songs tend to have an elevator like feel, "Operation Ground And Pound" is the most successful at retaining its metallic roots, and the credit for this is mostly due to the cello not only keeping up with the original tempo, but providing a great, deep, bottom layer to the overall sound. To summarize, anyone who likes string quartets will find this material to be boring and anyone who likes Dragonforce will be unimpressed with these versions.

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