Doom - Selfish

Band's List Crust Doom (UK) Doom - Selfish
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Band Name Doom (UK)
Album Name Doom - Selfish
Type Split
Released date 1994
Music StyleCrust
Members owning this album3


"Pro-Life Control"
1. Soundtrack to a Brawl
2. Lust for Power
3. Faith
4. Rags to Riches
5. Super-Gun
6. This Thing Called Progress
7. Sick with Society
8. Carcinogen
9. Impudence
10. Claustrophobia
11. Pro-Life Control
12. The "Free" World
"Tear Silence to Pieces"
13. Deathly Crime
14. Anthem
15. Pain Driver
16. System Kills
17. With Yourself
18. Condemned
19. Criminal Trap (Anti Cimex Cover)

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Doom (UK)