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Band Name Job For A Cowboy
Album Name Doom
Type EP
Released date 09 November 2005
Produced by Cory Spotts
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album197


Re-issue in 2006 by Metal Blade Records.
1. Catharsis for the Buried 00:59
2. Entombment of a Machine 04:11
3. Relinquished 04:56
4. Knee Deep 04:34
5. The Rising Tide 04:49
6. Suspended by the Throat 04:17
Bonustrack (Re-Issue 2006)
7. Entities 04:10
Total playing time 23:46

Review @ JakeDaSnake

16 March 2011

A decent deathcore release from so-so death metal band.

Job For A Cowboy started out as having a standard deathcore sound to their music, and then moved on to death metal, which actually effected them negatively for some fans. Doom EP was their very first release, followed by two other full releases, both regular death metal, their latest being Ruination.

This record does not have a whole lot of creativity when it comes to deathcore, excluding a few songs. The vocals use way to many inhales and don't sound as developed as you would think for such a popular metal band. The guitar uses a whole lot harmonics, which isn't necessarily bad, especial to add that kind of special touch to the end of a measure, and as far as the guitarists talent, he's actually not bad at all, but he's no Michael Keene either.

One thing that started out cool, but ending up annoying the hell out of me, was the amount of bass booms that this album uses. Don't get me wrong, bass booms kick ass when used at the beginning of breakdowns and not too much. But this album has one at least 10 times during each song, and it gets very annoying after a while. The drumming isn't that bad actually, and is probably the best thing I'd have to say about this album.

Another thing that discourages me about this release, is how uncreative it is. I've heard all of this before, and the tone doesn't really change much throughout the album. In other words, it's not distinguishable from other deathcore of it's kind. It doesn't add anything or try much of anything new. It doesn't completely lack in creativity, but it is missing a lot of it.

All in all, this is an okay album that buyers should try before they buy, because of it's repetitive tone throughout the record and it's tendancy to use bass booms instead of melody or anything different. A so-so 12.5/20

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Comment @ CLucker666

19 November 2011

...Pretty Amazing Deathcore...

Job For A Cowboy is one of the most popular Death Metal bands at this point. Doom is what set this band off and is still amazing up to this day. Most of their current music isn't like Doom all that much. They have changed their sound to more of a Technical Death Metal sound, and honestly I like their newer releases a lot more. I still love this EP though.

Doom starts off with an awesome intro called Catharsis for the Buried where you hear some satanic sounding goat noises and goes into an awesome powerful growl when Entombment of a Machine starts. The highlights of this EP are Entombment of a Machine. Knee Deep, Suspended by the Throat, and The Rising Tide. Check out any of these songs if your into Deathcore and you'll be highly impressed.

Majority of the vocals are lower growls and a lot of pig squeals. I think they could have used less squeals because overdoing them is very easy to do. I'm glad the newer releases don't have anymore because technical death metal and squeals don't collaborate all that well.

The drumming is fast and has some pretty tight fills. I think the drummer is one of the highlights of JFAC and the deathcore genre as a whole. Most deathcore drummers usually just try and breakdown and keep up but JFAC's drummer does all that and more. That is most likely because he is an ex member of the faceless. He isn't there drummer anymore but he was a very good asset to this Demo.

The guitar's have a typical deathcore sound to them, lots of chugging, fast paced riffs, and breakdowns. Easy to find guitarists that can do that though. They aren't bad by any means it just seems like most of the deathcore genre has the same sounding guitars. They do have some really catchy riffs and it's definitely worth looking at. I'm going to give this a 17/20.


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emofreak33 - 19 November 2011: Nice comment, but this is pretty much their only deathcore album haha, all of the rest of their stuff is just death metal
CLucker666 - 21 November 2011: yeah i know thats why i said they changed to tech death/death metal
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