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Band Name Khariot
Album Name Disymposium
Type Album
Released date 28 March 2011
Produced by Gavin Foo
Music StyleProgressive Death
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1. Malediction Eclipse
2. Upon Thy Mortal Throne
3. Crimson Sanctorum
4. The Hermit
5. Spectral Monarchy
6. Dimension Shift
7. Cacaphony of the Insane
8. Cerebral Continuum
9. Shade
10. ...of Frial Entanglements
11. 11:11

Review @ GandhiEgo

17 May 2011

Complex Death Metal with more than a few Progressive hints! Haunting and interesting!

If the ancient gods of Death Metal were in the beginning scattered around the US and Europe, those times have quite changed a bit. The South-American scene is nowadays a force to be reckoned with and so is Oceania with both Australia and New-Zealand. On the other hand, the Australian scene from where Khariot come, seemed to lean on the more brutal/occult side of Death Metal with acts like Ignivomous or Portal and somehow a lot less on Technical Brutal Death Metal.

Khariot are here to change this and with Disymposium, they’ve released quite the debut. The music is dense, brutal and highly technical with some parts reminiscent of Nile or Hate Eternal. Their sound is rather quite dark as well, Cacophony of the Insane sounding like a soundtrack to personal horror. Additionally, the most obvious feature of Khariot's music is their infinite love for very complicated structures that one may want to label as Progressive.

Obviously, nowadays when you associate together both terms “Death Metal” and “Progressive” most people tend to think Opeth. You couldn’t be further away from Khariot’s music if you have that picture in mind. Undoubtedly, Progressive music in Metal has suffered quite a few alterations from let’s say, Rush, Genesis or Blue Oyster Cult and you may as well think more of bands like Pan.Thy.Monium or Voivod if it comes to try and define the Khariot’s Progressive leanings.

Expect mind-blowing riffing, fuzzy time signatures that change like flotsam and jetsam and drums played by some jazzy spider. Sometimes, the lead guitar has also some unusual distinct feel a la Baroness which is pleasant even though it's hard to conceive anything Baroness-like in a Death Metal band.

All in all, this is an intricate album that is played with great musicianship but it takes more than a few listens to start and grasp the essence of it. The complexity of most tracks, and the more you come closer to the ending tracks, the more complex it gets, may be a bit unsettling. This is also a demanding album: you do have to sit through it all to fully appreciate it, it's not something you'd play lightly in the background drinking a few beers with friends. I must even add that at times, it’s even too complex and the musicality suffers a bit from it but it might just have been my mindset at the moment.

These guys are willing too so your next best move is to go and get the album which I’m sure they’ll ship to you in no time. Mine came rather quickly and the “object” is a very nice product too. If you’re into Technical Brutal Death Metal and are looking for something new, Disymposium is for you.

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miniradman - 17 May 2011: oh yeah! Aussie metal is awesome \m/
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