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Band Name Wardrum
Album Name Desolation
Type Album
Released date 25 April 2012
Produced by
Music StyleProgressive Power
Members owning this album6


1. Unforgiving
2. Sign of Treason
3. Parental
4. Common Ground
5. Tide Lakes
6. Higher Sky
7. F.A.I.T.H.
8. Urban Storm
9. No Retreat
10. Abound in Nothing
11. Sailing Away
12. Rainy Day

Review @ Dr.Feelgood

29 May 2012

This Is What We Call Professionalism!

For many years the Greek metal scene has been a place of underground music only for some people from Greece, but right now things have changed to the better side of this. New bands full of will, honor and seriousness tend to bring Greece once and for all in the center of the world metal map. One of those bands is Wardrum, who the last year released their debut “Spadework” and this year will offer their second album “Desolation”.

The fact that without losing time and after a year they record their second album means two things. Firstly, they prove that they are not a random band empty of efforts and dreams and secondly, they improve their more than obvious love for US power/prog. If you like Symphony X, Lethal, Jag Panzer and many more bands of this kind, then you will be satisfied. They are careful and they do not compose songs, which could be characterized as an imitation, but the use clues from the above bands as their mediums for the achievement of their goal.

The songs whether they are technical like “Common Ground” and “Urban Storm” or catchy like “Parental” and “About In Nothing”, can stay in mind at once. This mostly because of their powerful sound, which is neither tired nor overloaded and the absence of keyboards is the extra key to the success. Actually this absence works more as an advantage for the band. Also there are and the fast songs like “Unforgiving” and “No Retreat” in which when it is the time for its solo you think that you hear Andy LaRocque in the place of Kostas Vretos. Kostas is so creative, that you will await for the solos to come.

I really want to mention the contribution of Kostas Kourou on drums. This guy plays everything you cannot imagine. If you expect to hear something simple, you will hear a technical part and if you are ready for difficult parts you will hear the simplicity on his playing. All these are called personal identity, a necessary clue for an upcoming band as I have mentioned many times in other texts.

Albums like “Desolation” in the past, especially in Greece, were difficult to be found or to be maintained against time. The productions then did not have the comforts and the abilities of nowadays and there was not too a man who apart from his participation as a great bass player would be and the producer. Do you know what else we miss from the past days? The authenticity of the singer. Yannis Papadopoulos is just himself, he is not trying to reach the levels of any other famous singer and this makes my day!

The guys in the song “F.A.I.T.H.” have a verse which says “Tell me you‘re truth and I’ll believe you”. Well Wardrum show that they are truth and I believe them and this is what you have to do too if this material grabs you.

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