Deification of the Grotesque

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Band Name Indecent Excision
Album Name Deification of the Grotesque
Type Album
Released date 06 December 2011
Recorded at Mago Studio
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album10


1. The Genesis of Inhuman Brutality
2. Entwined by Vermin, Submerged by Vomit
3. Purulent Glansectomy
4. Torment Through Abnegation of Euthanasia
5. Sculpture of Severed Remnants
6. Deification of the Grotesque
7. Compulsive Consumption of Rotten Entrails
8. Decomposed Fetus Collection
9. Kaleidoscopic View of Innards
10. Chickenfuck

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Indecent Excision