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Band Name Woebegone Obscured
Album Name Deathstination
Type Album
Released date 06 April 2007
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleBlack Death
Members owning this album4


1. A Gust of Demention 10:03
2. Maestitia 11:04
3. Coils of Inane Comatose 11:26
4. Stalactites 03:39
5. Deathscape 08:49
Total playing time 45:01

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Woebegone Obscured

Review @ GandhiEgo

14 March 2011

A real treat for any Extreme Doom Metal fan.

Woebegone Obscured from Denmark had released this gem called Deathstination back in 2007 as a self-release. Meaning, there are already plenty of positive reviews that can be found here and there on the Internet.

As much as I can agree with most of them, describing a genial record that wouldn't fall short if compared to Thergothon or Disembowelment, further listens to Deathstination or somehow "another” culture may also be able to shed some new light on this Danish chef-d’oeuvre.

Obviously, the likes of Evoken or Thergothon are naturals when it comes to comparing with other bands. Woebegone Obscured play Funeral Doom Metal and in the finest possible way. Here nothing sounds dull, here not one single riff goes on forever having you look at your watch in dismay trying to figure out whether time stopped a while ago. Other possible “comparison” contenders may be the regretted Asunder, because Woebegone Obscured develop this fantastic capacity to create sonic landscapes of desolation.

The Gault would be another one since Woebegone Obscured take a lot of their sound from some post-Dark Wave gems with the shadows of Joy Division or early The Cure never that far away. The sound of the guitars and the Black Meta-like vocals are also very reminiscent of US based band Negative Reaction.

Does that make Woebegone Obscured only the patchwork of the aforementioned bands? No, it doesn’t. These guys may even sound as if they’d be the original influences of all these bands. The music is sublime, rich, probably even richer than Mournful Congregation’s Monad of Creation. If there ever was a perfect Funeral Doom Metal record, chances are Deathstination would be high on the list.

Add to this one more obvious touch but obvious only for people that have musical expertise outside the fields of Metal, the post-rock one. This isn't about Isis, this isn't about Neurosis but it’s more about the legends that may have coined the term: Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Woebegone Obscured do not only create sonic soundscapes but they wove their music in some kind of epic, stories of regret and loss, Americana for the melancholy mirroring their Canadian counterpart in expressing the vast landscapes of our modern mal être.

Five tracks only but five tracks that will take you on a very long and adventurous trip outside the boundaries of music and mind. A real treat for any Extreme Doom Metal fan.

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