Death or Glory

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Band Name Running Wild
Album Name Death or Glory
Type Album
Released date 08 November 1989
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album328


 Riding the Storm
 Running Blood
 Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)
 Bad to the Bone
 Tortuga Bay
 Death or Glory
 Battle of Waterloo

 March On

Total playing time: 54:18

Comment @ hack

29 September 2009
I've been a fan of Running Wild since 1985. Spirit Of Metal has got them listed as heavy metal, but to me this is German speed metal. Because it shreds at such a fast tempo. This is their 5th full length album and my favorite from them. Rock N Rolf Kasparek is one my favorite guitarists of all time. He has as much command of his fret board as the best hillbilly banjo pickers in the appalachian mountains. His style reminds me of George Lynch from Dokken. But Rolf doesnt play boring love songs or boring country music. He plays strictly metal music. Rolf is also the vocalist for the band, as you can see in the awesome video.

Riding the storm starts off with an intro, then breaks out into some fine shredding. Of course it has a fast tempo with plenty of of top notch guitar solos. Renegade sounds like old Judas Priest, but much better. The bass player plays with so much energy, that it makes you want to get up and do something productive. Evilution is a great song. The guitar playing is breath taking. The basic theme of the album seems to be about heroic bravery in battle. Marooned sounds like fast paced Iron Maiden and ends with a nice guitar solo. Bad to the Bone sounds like classic Running Wild, with their old sqwauk and shred style (Gates to Purgatory). It's about how the neo-nazis need to grow up and put the racist crap behind them. There is an awesome guitar solo in Tortuga Bay. The Battle Of Waterloo is my favorite song on the album. It starts off with Scottish bagpipes along with a military drum beat and then you can hear cannon fire, before it breaks out into an excellent song. It shreds very melodically with interludes of Scottish style metal. Or is that an Iron Maiden influence. This song is about how Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo and how unfair it was to put his soldiers through such a slaughter.

This album must be a classic because my disc is digitally remastered with bonus tracks. Along with the bonus tracks, 2 of the last tracks after March On, are different than what is posted on this discography.


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