Dead Heart in a Dead World

Band's List Power Metal Nevermore (USA-1) Dead Heart in a Dead World
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Band Name Nevermore (USA-1)
Album Name Dead Heart in a Dead World
Type Album
Released date 18 September 2000
Labels Century Media
Produced by Sneap Andy
Music StylePower Metal
Members owning this album253


1. Narcosynthesis 05:31
2. We Disintegrate 05:11
3. Inside Four Walls 04:39
4. Evolution 169 05:50
5. The River Dragon Has Come 05:05
6. The Heart Collector 05:55
7. Engines of Hate 04:42
8. The Sound of Silence 05:13
9. Insignificant 04:56
10. Believe in Nothing 04:21
11. Dead Heart in a Dead World 05:05
Bonustracks (Video)
12. Next in Line
13. What Tomorrow Knows
Bonustracks (Box-Set Edition)
12. Love Bites (Judas Priest Cover)
13. All the Cowards Hide
14. Chances Three
Total playing time 56:33

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