Cuts from the Crypt

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Band Name Dead Moon Rising
Album Name Cuts from the Crypt
Type Compilation
Released date November 2007
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleBlack Death
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1. Ghouls in the Crypt (ft. Ssad Goat of Dark Abyss) 06:52
2. Desecration of the Dead 02:50
3. …Into Eternal Darkness… 05:39
4. Death Is Not the End 06:48
5. The Heart of Darkness 05:23
6. War (Burzum Cover) 01:32
7. Ghouls in the Crypt 06:46
8. Algor Mortis Intro (Demo Version) 01:21
9. Sauerkraut Ist Krieg (Death Is Not the End Demo Version) 06:50
10. …Into Eternal Darkness… (Original Mix) 05:39
11. …End of the Journey/…And the Light Returns 02:30
12. When Light Has Faded 02:01
13. When Light Has Faded (Alternative Guitar Track) 01:59
14. The Heart of Darkness (Demo Version) 04:00
Total playing time 1:40:10

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