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Band Name Abosranie Bogom
Album Name Coprotherapy
Type Album
Released date 2003
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album9


1. Forced to Swallow Feces
2. The Art of Cum-Farting
3. Turd Radar
4. Bitch with a Bleeding Rectum
5. Taking a Turd from a Baby
6. Head Trapped in a Pigs Rectum
7. Defecate Your Own Vomit
8. Scatological Sex School Education
9. Satisfaction from Sipping a Glass of Steaming Stool
10. No, That's Not Chocolate, My Dear
11. The Fear of Flushing
12. Shit Xmas Mince Pies Metal Poser Obliteration
13. Shit-Cauterized Infected Wounds
14. Excrementhrone
15. Anal Miscarriage
16. Pregnant with Turds
17. Shit-feast Surprise Party
18. Turd Rugby Insanity
19. Clinical Death of an Excrement
20. Archaeological Excavations of Prehistoric Faeces
21. Copro-Therapy Treatment
22. $10,000,000 Granny Shit Eating Competition
23. Castration of an Uncircumsized Excrement
24. Anal Dentist
25. Turd Impregnation
26. Genetic Engeneering of Faecal DNA
27. The Anal Bible
28. Eternal Constipation
29. Lips - the Passage to Pleasure (Gut Cover)
30. Forced Rotted Faeces Gay Torture
31. Stench of Copropsy
32. Turdburger
33. Coprophobic Cunt
34. Fart Collection
35. Art of Butchery (Gut Cover)
36. Forced to Swallow Feces
37. Genetic Engeneering of Faecal DNA

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Abosranie Bogom