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Band Name Christ Agony
Album Name Condemnation
Type Album
Released date 15 November 2008
Recorded at Studio X
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album6


1. Devil's Invocation 06:06
2. Psalm ov Livia Khao'tsu 04:48
3. Condemnation Pt.I 04:17
4. Temptation ov Lost 06:13
5. MarchManifesto 05:30
6. BloodSeedNation 04:30
7. Condemnation Pt.II 04:15
8. Cult Domination 05:38
9. The LeviThan'Suite 12:13
10. Purgatory Beast 02:20
Total playing time 55:50

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Christ Agony

Review @ GandhiEgo

31 August 2012

Fine mixture of Black Metal and Death Metal with elegant "gothic" undertones

Christ Agony may not be the most famous Extreme Metal band hailing from Poland but they've been around for some time now. Releasing their debut back in 1993 and with Condemnation, their seventh full-length album out since 2008, the band tries to perpetuate their adventure in musical horizons.

First albums from the said band offered a fine mixture of Black Metal and Death Metal with elegant undertones and some kind of gothic feeling to it rather than relying intensely on pure brutality with an over-abundance of blast beats. To a certain extent, it may be even fine to consider Christ Agony falling into the "blurry" genre of Dark Metal. Except the musicality of Christ Agony and their ability to actually compose songs make them somehow a bit different than, let's say, bands like Benighted In Sodom.

Still, since 1993 and two very good first records, Christ Agony had been something of a let down and we can only be glad that in 2008 with the release of Condemnation (and by now the release in 2011 of Nocturn which also garnered positive reviews), the Poles were able to somehow recapture their basics and offer a decent follow-up to their not so impressive weaker underbelly.

Again, the band can count on songs where both melody and brutality reign supreme with some arrangements sometimes more leaning on Black Metal, some bordering on Death Metal but also some with goth/pop’ish feel to them though never quite sounding like attention-whores like some other more despicable bands.

I’m not sure if the band’s first records are still readily available on the net or if they sell at abominable prices but people that would want to check on the band may very well start with Condemnation and enjoy it for the time being.

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