Concerto n° 6 : A Baroque Plaisanterie

Band's List Dark Ambient Ataraxia (ITA) Concerto n° 6 : A Baroque Plaisanterie
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Band Name Ataraxia (ITA)
Album Name Concerto n° 6 : A Baroque Plaisanterie
Type Album
Released date 1998
Labels Apollyon
Music StyleDark Ambient
Members owning this album2


1. Larghetto: Passagio Lustrale
2. Romanza: Scarletminded Echoes
3. Toccata per Chitarra: The Winds of Carmini
4. Notturno: Belle Rose Porporine
5. Gagliarda: Astore Serotina
6. Madrigale: Ticket to Ride
7. Arioso: La Bourgeoise et la Noble
8. Gavotta: Maybe-o'-the Leaves
9. Forlane: Bleumarine
10. Carrouse l: Dulcamara
11. Coda: I'm Wind
12. Siciliana: Lei Morra (Live)
13. Gavotta: Maybe-O'-the Leaves (Live)
14. Romanza: Scarletminded Echoes (Live)
15. Canticle: Wide White Wave (Live)

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Ataraxia (ITA)

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