Coming Out

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Band Name Razorwyre
Album Name Coming Out
Type EP
Released date 09 December 2009
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleThrash Heavy
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Recorded when the band's name was GAYWYRE.
1. Party of Five 03:19
2. Fuck You Tonight 04:13
3. Operation Market Garden 04:19
4. Suspiria 04:41
5. Battleshark 06:27
Total playing time 22:59

Review @ heavymetaltribune

10 April 2011

at times remind listeners of bands such as Iron Maiden

With a band name like Gaywyre, it certainly is hard to take them seriously, even before listening to the music. Fortunately, the band decided to change their name in 2010 to Razorwyre, seemingly to display the shift towards a more serious and professional image to suit their music. Coming Out is the debut EP released under the Gaywyre banner, and was re-issued after the name change to Razorwyre.

Without wasting any time at all, the band opens with Party of Five, with a intense bass riff backed by double bass pedaled drums, before vocalist Z Chylde belts out a high-pitched wail, slightly reminiscent of Helloween's Michael Kiske. The music sounds like old school heavy metal, fed with a dose of adrenaline and a mad rush to the finish line. While Chylde's vocals are pleasant, at the high pitched wails they seem slightly weak (after all, how many can claim to be the air-raid siren that such vocalists as Bruce Dickinson is?), without the force and power of other power metal vocalists. This is not to say that he is without talent though, as there are times when his vocals shine such as on the intro of Suspiria, though the excessive use of such screams and wails tend to get irritating after awhile. The riffs of guitarists Chris and James at times remind listeners of bands such as Iron Maiden, complete with the melodic guitar solos, such as on Party of Five, with the harmonized guitars and vocals layered on top of each other towards the end of the song.

The songs are not without variety as well, as evident from the punk-ish Fuck You Tonight, with vocalist Chylde spitting out his vocal lines as though he were performing in a punk band, with raw aggression and anger, before breaking into their usual heavy/power metal fare, a nice hybrid of the heavy metal and punk genres, complete with the fist-pumping chorus (Tonight, tonight I'm gonna fuck you!). Operation Market Garden includes sound effects such as gunfire and explosions in the background to create tension in the music, though it could get slightly excessive especially towards the end of the song. The band takes a slight slowdown on Battleshark, replacing the speed attack with one with increased heaviness and intensity. In this instance, Chylde's vocals are fitting with the gruff and aggressive voice and could have been one hell of a ride if not for the unnecessary screams at the background.

The one thing that particularly stood out were the guitar solos, while not particularly extremely fast, had a nice melodious touch to them, complete with a nice guitar tone to match, proving that speed is not the only vital aspect to a good song or a guitar solo.

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