Collecting the Remnants

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Band Name Vomit Remnants
Album Name Collecting the Remnants
Type Compilation
Released date May 2017
Music StyleBrutal Death
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1. Putrefying Dead Flesh
2. My Blessed Sickness
3. Decomposed of Structure
4. Rotted Human Waste
5. Macabre Mementos
6. Engorgement…
7. Faces of the Deceased (Soils of Fate Cover)
8. Murderous Thoughts Determined
9. Intro
10. Prodigy of Solitude
11. 00 Buck Shot
12. Inherited Deformity
13. Embludgeonment (Regard to Devourment)
14. A Puppet Mill
15. Rotted Human Waste
16. My Blessed Sickness
17. Catatonia (Suffocation Cover)
18. Vomiting Hideous Cadaver
19. Disfigured Anal Torture
20. Rotted Human Waste
21. Macabre Mementos
22. Putrefying Dead Flesh
23. Sacrilegious Bifurucation of the Prophets
24. Sacramental Extinction of Global Civilization
25. Extinction of Worthless Humanity
26. Extinction of Worthless Humanity
27. Despairing Atmosphere
28. Vomiting Hideous Cadaver ’05

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Vomit Remnants