Ciudad sin Memoria

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Band Name El Cuervo De Poe
Album Name Ciudad sin Memoria
Type Album
Released date 16 October 2017
Labels Self-Produced
Music StyleGothic Metal
Members owning this album4


 Él Silencio de la Ausencia
 Agnus Dei
 Fénix (Single Version)

Total playing time: 29:49

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El Cuervo De Poe

Comment @ Mirroreyes777

06 January 2018

A new, though interesting concept...

I've been a great fan of this band since its birth, and never disappointed me, and this is not a exception; however, I must remark that the lyrical style, as well its performing style.
In it first album, the lyrics were more philosophical and its music style was relaxed and artistic, hybrid of Goth Metal and Symphonic Metal.
Second featured a frenetic style and lyrics involved popular mythology of colonial Mexico, this last album is less frenetic, actually softer (in a Gothic Rock style) and lyrics vary a lot, "Fenix" track is a poem for Latin pride, in contrast to "V" , that has a similar style to the bands former lyric style.
Also, a thing that changes often which every album is the lead vocalist, and the voice of each changes the feeling, this last vocalist gives a fresh style, but feels like an amateur band, I'm not saying is an issue, but it doesn't feels like the same group.
Otherwise, they showed they have talent and they actually use it, making themselves unique.

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