Chambers of Perversion

Band's List Thrash Black Ruins (GER) Chambers of Perversion
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Band Name Ruins (GER)
Album Name Chambers of Perversion
Type EP
Released date 30 April 2010
Music StyleThrash Black
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Limited to 250 copies.
1. Chambers of Perversion
2. Slaves of the Undead
3. Primitive Evil
4. War in Heaven Pt.4 (Megalomania)
5. Sodomy in Hell
6. Slutlust and Perversion
7. Perverting the Priest
8. Sperm of the Antichrist

Review @ heavymetaltribune

06 July 2011

the ideal EP to listen to, to stir up any feelings of hate, violence and blasphemy

Negative Existence markets Chambers of Perversion as one that has captured the essence of bands such as (early) Sodom and Bathory, so one can expect no less than a masterpiece on Ruins' 2010 EP offering.

Chambers of Perversion opens with thrash inspired riffing, with simplistic drum beats that are reminiscent of the punk genre. The dirty and gritty production quality adds a nice touch to the overall sound of the music (after all, how clean sounding do you want a release entitled Chambers of Perversion to sound?). While the seemingly simple and straightforward guitar riffs on the record makes for a fun listen, don't be fooled into thinking little of the instrumental abilities of the band. The raw production quality unfortunately leads to gems such as the guitar solo on tracks to be deeply buried in the mix, requiring the listener to have to strain in order to catch it and it is certainly worth the effort, considering the ability of the band to lash out melodic lines beneath all the chaos. Solos on songs like Sperm of the Antichrist displays the old-school influence in the music.

The echoey vocal effects utilised throws in yet more dirt into the music, and while it could get pretty irritating on initial listens, subsequent listens will have listeners find out how it helps in enhancing the overall listening experience of Chambers of Perversion. The band also brings in various influences, with songs such as Songs of the Undead also bring to mind bands such as Sweden's Bestial Mockery, proudly bearing the flag of primitive black/thrash metal, only brought to a more twisted level. The track that stood out was War in Heaven Part 4 (Megalomania), bringing the band to a slower pace. On top of the blasphemous topics, Ruins brings in more fun with some sexual violence with tracks like Sodomy in Hell and Slutlust and Perversion.

If 18 minutes is all you have to spare to listen to an album, Chamber of Perversion is the ideal EP to listen to, to stir up any feelings of hate, violence and blasphemy. Unless of course, you are too much of a pussy to press the "play" button.

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