Capricornus Exotica

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Band Name Xerxes The Dark
Album Name Capricornus Exotica
Type Album
Released date 22 November 2012
Labels Kalpamantra
Produced by Dimmer Morego
Music StyleDark Ambient
Members owning this album1


1. Intro / All Ast, OoooO (Bye Asedji)
2. Utter Darkness
3. Event Horizon (No-Escape)
4. Reflexion on the Darkest Waves of the Re
5. The Huge Quasar (Nowhere Rolling)
6. The Outer Creations
7. Approaching Circles & Hiding Balls
8. Halfball Braintime (21-X-12)
9. Myspiritious (Dark Matter, Etter)
10. The Secrets of the Dark Energy Revealed
11. Timetube Travel
12. Earthophobia (Neo-Earth Song)
13. XTD (Xerxes Tomb Drowning)
14. Worm Hole (Timefuse)
15. The Light, Love & Us / Outro

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