Breathing Is Irrelevant

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Band Name Ion Dissonance
Album Name Breathing Is Irrelevant
Type Album
Released date 02 September 2003
Recorded at Northern Studio
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album27


 Substantial Guilt Vs. the Irony of Enjoying
 The Bud Dwyer Effect
 Failure in the Process of Identifying a Dream
 Binary, Part II
 The Death of One Man Is a Tragedy, the Death of 10,000 Is a Statistic
 Oceanic Motion
 The Girl Nextdoor Is Always Screaming...
 A Regular Dose of Azure

Total playing time: 32:07

Review @ Unicorn88

07 January 2012

Best mathcore album I've ever heard!

For those who don't know what mathcore is, good mathcore should sound like metalcore and technical death. Mixed together with the speed of grindcore and the breakdowns of deathcore. Lots of time signature changes and lots of complex riffs. Gab.357-era Ion Dissonance does it the best.

Let us start with the guitars. I find myself speechless at the complexity, originality, and speed of the guitars at some points in this album. To some people it'll sound too chaotic, but to me it sounds like an amazing technical guitar team. It has an odd rhythm that you don't get from a lot of mathcore bands who seem to just hit notes at a random pace. I am also amazed at how the drums can keep up and even add to the technicality of this album. Truly an amazing album of those who like bands very skilled in their instrumentation.

The vocals also add to the controlled chaos of this album. A lot of bands have the vocalist just to do vocals. Gab treats his vocals like another instrument with constantly fluctuating pitch vocals and well timed spoken word parts intertwined in the songs. The vocals have an intensity and insanity that you rarely get in bands and you rarely find working so well in a band mixed with the very well written and complex lyrics.

The one flaw in this album is some of the songs are forgettable. Some songs kind of have the same sound of other songs and it makes it hard to listen to them with any enthusiasm. In all its not a major problem due to the experimental nature of songs like A Regular Dose of Azure, Binary, pt. 2 and The Girl Next door is always screaming.

In all, I rate this 19/20. Definitely the best ID album and certainly twenty times better then anything with Kevin on vocals. A must listen to anyone who likes mathcore or experimental metal albums.

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