Blind Ride

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Band Name Hibria
Album Name Blind Ride
Type Album
Released date 26 January 2011
Labels King Records
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album12


1. Blind Ride
2. Nonconforming Minds
3. Welcome to the Horror Show
4. Shoot Me Down
5. Blinded by Faith
6. The Shelter's on Fire
7. Beyond Regrets of the Past
8. I Feel No Bliss
9. Sight of Blindness
10. Tough Is the Way
11. Rotten Souls
Japan Edition
12. I'm Gonna Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra Cover)

Review @ Dr.Feelgood

04 February 2011

Where Is The Power, Where Is The Glory?

Seven years ago, when power metal was not at its best and the big names of this style could not make the difference, Hibria was the exception and the biggest surprise. Their first album Defying the Rules was and still remains one of the best power metal dynamites. They were expected to be those who would change everything, but their new album Blind Ride shows that this attempt was somehow blind. It seems to me that they lost something really important, the power.

Blind Ride is a metal album, but not a power metal one and this makes me feel sad because I like them. All the songs are strong and fast, but I can not regard them as power metal songs. The sound of the album is like the american one that metalcore bands have. Just listen to "Nonconforming minds", "Shoot me down" and "Blinded by faith", refrains without imagination and genereally songs that you will not remember after a week. The riff of "Welcome to the horror show" made me think different, but the rest song did not glad me. Apart from these not so good songs there some that are typical power like "Beyond regrets of the past" and "Tough is the way", nice riffs and rhythmical refrains and the best song of the album is the only which is the bonus track "I'm gonna live till I die" from the japanese edition. Now you will wonder how a bonus track can be the best song of an album which contains ten songs, but this is only my opinion and nothing more, you may like it more than me.

Maybe the solos of Blind Ride are great and we like them, but the whole attempt counts more and as one of their fans I'm telling what I feel. The style of the album is not the european power that they played on their previus albums not even U.S. power. Also I must add the fact that Iuri's voice has changed, he is not able to scream anymore and he is heard like Dave Mustaine in a heaviest edition.

Unfortunately all the big and promised bands have their not good moments and these moments make them think better and be focused and stronger the next time. The big names of power metal after some years will not exist and Hibria are regarded to be the future of this style and they must support it. I am with them even in this moment and I hope that the next time they will be on a higher level!

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