Architects of Perfection

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Band Name Six Reasons To Kill
Album Name Architects of Perfection
Type Album
Released date 28 January 2011
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album16


1. Welcome to Forever
2. My Bitterness
3. False Absolution
4. Perfection
5. Awaken
6. My Poison
7. Day of the Apocalypse
8. Scum Belongs to Scum
9. Wandering Stars
10. Buried to the Sea

Review @ ChristopherJRM

21 July 2011

Deathcore fans sure won't be disappointed...

It's Deathcore. Just by that, I'm halfway through on explaining and describing the sound on this record. It's practically a one-shaped style, with very few new stuff to offer, and very little are the situations in which bands really come up with something new on the table. Each album ends up being analysed by its cumplicity inside the genre, the quality that's present in the style itself, or the relevance it might have. German band Six Reasons to Kill can be leaning more to the common Deathcore, but they can work their music, in a way you can find some relevant things here and there.

Starting from the beginning, this record has songs that for a good fan of the Deathcore scene, they can become delicious to their agressivity thirsty ears. Strong breakdowns echoing throughout the songs - which may cause the wish to shake a few heads - the harmony between guttural vocals and screams and some occasional clean vocals and also the capacity of being able to put some interesting melodies in there. To those who pay attention to the lyrics, those are also walking on the usual, passing by social and political criticism, with the abstract concept of "perfection" working, in a certain way, as a concept for the record. Things added to that usual essence , can be the present use of electronica elements, even if they're not too much. As a matter of fact, they're just some slight touches that they've always been using throughout their career and that they wanted to expand a little more in this record, but not much of a big deal. Far from anything that someone like The Browning would do, who might be a more extreme case, just some slight touches that are not there all the time.

Another thing Six Reasons to Kill also wanted to experiment with to differ a little bit from the rest, is the thing that I mostly acclaim: a track like "My Poison". A track that can really spread beyond Deathcore and can even run away from it a little bit. The Deathcore elements on this song do not build it, they just complete it, since this is a relatively calm song made around clean vocals - due to the will/capacity of the most recent vocalist to do something more beside growling and screaming. And since we're talking about calmer moments in such an aggressive record, I also find opportune to say that instrumental track "Wandering Stars" near the end of the album is also a very well inserted one.

So, generally, and concluding it, I do it in a similar way to the one I used to begin. It's a Deathcore record. It will never please the haters. But it can easily please any fan of the Deathcore scene, with its aggressivity very well underlined and making a few anthems. And Six Reasons to Kill aren't any amateurs on the genre, they're a band that can easily and comfortably stablish themselves on the scene. A band to keep an eye on if you're beginning in this genre. I think the most experient ones already know them well.

Original article written on my blog in Portuguese, so if there's any mistake, I might find some difficulties on translating the whole text.

Rating: 14/20

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