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Band Name Absu
Album Name Absu
Type Album
Released date 16 February 2009
Music StyleThrash Black
Members owning this album156


 Between the Absu of Eridu & Erech
 Night Fire Canonization
 13 Globes
 ...Of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs Are the Attendance of Familiar Spirits
 Magic(k) Square Cipher
 In the Name of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee
 Girra's Temple
 Those of the Void Will Re-Enter
 Sceptre Command
 Ye Uttuku Spells
 Twix Yesterday, the Day & the Morrow

Total playing time: 53:40

Review @ hack

21 October 2009
This album was released over 8 years after the release of their album Tara(2001). Absu means an abyss or a bottomless chasm. This American black thrash band is based in Plano,Texas(well known as the headquarters of Frito Lay snack products).

Proscriptor sang the vocals and played drums for this band. Then he left the band. In late 2001, he auditioned for Slayer to play drums, for Dave Lombardo's temporarily vacated spot.

In 2002 Proscriptor broke his wrist in an accident. It took lots of rehabilitation for him to regain his drumming skills. After he recuperated,he flew to Europe to record the album Sphynx as the drummer for Melechesh. Members Equitant and Shaftiel lost interest in the band and quit. They were replaced by guitarist Zawicizuz.

Then in 2007, Proscriptor decided to reform the band. He recruited guitarist Vastator , he left(because of musical differences) after 6 months, but contributed 4 songs to this album. So the band replaced him with their long time friend, Zawicizuz. Most of the songs are about ancient mythology and its application to occultism. The song Those Of The Void was lyrically written by Ashmedi of Melechesh. The music is influenced by Immolation, Necrovore, and early Darkthrone.

The songs blaze at a fast tempo, with lots of dazzling melody and cutting guitar riffs. The drum playing is very vigorous. If I were to hear this album without knowing who the actual performer was, I would swear that it was Melechesh. Although it doesn't have the middle eastern style that Melechesh has in their block buster album Emissaries.

The vocals sound like like the vocals for Melechesh or Enslaved. There is energetic thrashing, punctuated with high octane shredding. The music doesn't sound so much dark as it does energetic. Every song on this album thrashes and I recommend it to any metalhead. It reminds me of Melechesh or Coroner.

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