Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors

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Band Name Embrional
Album Name Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors
Type Album
Released date 30 March 2012
Labels Old Temple
Music StyleDeath Black
Members owning this album11


1. Possessed by Evil 04:36
2. Disgraceful Enslavement 03:08
3. Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors 03:50
4. Necropolis 02:49
5. The Last Step into Nothingness 04:06
6. Beyond the Abyss 01:44
7. Maniacal Madness 02:18
8. Bestial Torture 04:15
9. Dismal Sign 03:34
10. Mankind's Decline 03:50
11. Vermin of the Earth 04:12
Total playing time 38:22

Review @ GandhiEgo

29 May 2012

The perfect wedding between Azarath’ Blasphemers’ Malediction and Gorguts’ Obscura

Cusp of Evil, Embrional's debut, released four years ago on Old Temple, had garnered ok reviews. Ranging from the promising to the somewhat positive, the band had showed potential but, unlike many bands that prove their point with their first release, Embrional had failed to attract too much attention at the time (too many interludes, a tad bit too generic though well executed).

As I just wrote, many bands usually make their point when releasing their debut… but it usually (not always, mind you) goes downward after this. This was true back in the early 90s and still is nowadays. So there was room for progression for Embrional’s sophomore release and eventually the promise that we wouldn’t be faced with another disappointment like Ebola’s own sophomore (wtf!?).

Verdict? Embrional’s Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors (AA-HB) surpasses in every way Cusp of Evil. Embrional delivers very occult and dark Death Metal with a welcome twist on brutality. I guess the best way to describe their newest opus is to picture the perfect wedding between Azarath’ Blasphemers’ Malediction and GorgutsObscura. Yes, you read that very well. Though it may be a bit too early to confirm Azarath' latest effort as a cult masterpiece, it was certainly praised by most in the community and I assume, I hope, that I don't need mentioning how influential and quintessential an album Obscura is?

Taking the brutality and technical efficiency of the former, they mix it with the dissonantly epic and dark atmospheres of the latter. Which makes it even more perfect for everyone and especially those who thought that Gorguts’ masterpiece lacked somehow in musicality. The songs on AA-HB display tortured riffing with inspired blast beats and soli, a trademark in the Polish school. They don't just blast their way to hell as the guys of Embrional know that to maintain the right pressure consistently, a few breaks (here often in the form of "acoustic" interludes) are welcome.

To top an already appetizing cake, Vermin of the Earth, the ending track on AA-HB, goes even further in dissonance and the final riffing sounds as it if were coming from the not less tortured minds of Portal minus the murky and suffocating production of the Aussies. And Marcin, Embrional’s singer, sounds even like Immolation’s Ross Dolan. Oh… I guess I need to change pants!

Replay value? Great, fantastic, the more you will play the record the more it will grow on you and you will find subtleties amid the tsunami’s rage that weren’t so obvious on the first spins. To be perfectly honest, in 2012, AA-HB may well be a solid contender for the best Death Metal album and this is the perfect reminder for all those bands that think a few low keys and an old-school sound may be enough to sound evil. Real Death Metal comes from the darkness that we all grow in until it has to be released. Bands that forget this have not grasped the essence of this music. It took Embrional a second effort to achieve this enlightened state , but it was damn well worth the wait.

PS : Hails and thanks to the Polska Supremacist! You know who you are!

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infestuus - 29 May 2012: Thanks bro !
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Review @ heavymetaltribune

30 March 2012

technical death metal band playing in the Polish style

Polish hate-squad Embrional releases the follow up to their previous album Cusp of Evil with Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours, after four years. With the band promising this release to be a "death metal Annihilation and mental insanity", it could either leave one with high hopes or simply dismiss this as yet another boastful gimmick to promote the band's album.

Fortunately, this leans more towards the former than the latter, as Embrional blazes ahead right from the start with Possessed by Evil. Despite Embrional's Polish origins, the technical touch on the intro riffs of Possessed by Evil and the prominent and complex bass riffs immediately remind listeners more of technical death metal bands in the veins of stuff like Japan's Defiled's works on In Crisis. But it does not take long for the Polish side of them to come out, as the onslaught begins proper, with Camillvs' work on the drums particularly reminiscent of Infernal War's Stormblast's and Behemoth's Inferno's relentless torment of the skins. The speed and intensity of the music undoubtedly puts the band alongside such legends as Azarath and Behemoth, along with the slight black metal edge that the band has included such as those riffs in the middle of Possessed by Evil and title track Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours. The interlude Necropolis would have easily stood as a Behemoth track on its own with the nice combination of black and death metal riffing styles.

Unlike the straightforward blasting that fellow Poles prefer, as already mentioned, Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours at times leans towards a more technical death metal sound. This is not to say that bands like Infernal War and the likes lack technicality, but rather, the music on the album is often punctuated by quirky, complex segments (such as on Disgraceful Enslavement) and odd time-signatures, such as on title track, Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours, helping Embrional stand out from the recent flood of Polish death metal-inspired releases. Maniacal Madness even brings in some brief Meshuggah-ish moments with the unpredictable tempo shifts and time signatures, and is sure to please fans of technical metal. All these are topped by the deep guttural growls of vocalist Marcin, sounding like a deeper version of Mikael Akerfeldt;s works on Bloodbath, helping to up the brutality level. Guitarists Marcin and Rychu also display their versatility, with the solo on Necropolis being some of the more tasteful ones unleashed on the album, showing that they are not only about shredding and complexity. Usage of cleans on the interlude Beyond the Abyss puts a haunting and somewhat melancholic mood into the album as well. The production quality on the album is also clear and clean, allowing the individual instruments on the album to pack a punch to the listener, ringing out clearly.

Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours, as the sophomore effort of Embrional has certainly captured my attention, and if one were looking for a technical death metal band playing in the Polish style, this album is certainly one that is not to be missed.

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