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Band Name Schoolyard Heroes
Album Name Abominations
Type Album
Released date 18 September 2007
Music StyleAlternative Metal
Members owning this album2


1. Dude, Where's my Skin?
2. The Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame
3. Cemetery Girls
4. Violence Is all the Rage
5. Children of the Night
6. The Last Man on Earth
7. Razorblade Kisses
8. Sometimes They Come Back
9. Beautiful Woman Hunter
10. All the Pretty Corpses
11. Screaming "Theater" in a Crowded Fire

Comment @ Vinrock666

20 July 2017

ne of the most refreshing, original, and dynamic metal albums to come out in '07

"Abominations" by Schoolyard Heroes was one of the most refreshing, original, and dynamic metal albums to come out in '07. Ryann Donnelly must be given a lot of credit for her ability to showcase range, pitch, style, and strengh with her voice. The band also follows suit by providing a wide variety of sounscapes for Donnelly to express herself. The lyrical content is just as beautiful and dark as the music. Throw in such clever titles as "The Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame", "All The Pretty Corpses", and "Screaming Theater In A Crowded Fire" and what you have is a perfectly balanced and blended work of art. Most of the songs can stand on their own as all-star singles, and all of them are unique to each other in composition. "Cemetery Girls" can arguably be called the best song for it's metallic rhythm and rousing chorus, but just as powerful is the seemingly soft "The Last Man On Earth" complete with chymes and resonating cymbals in the background. With respect to Bergman, Bonnell, and Turner - all of which have done an amazing job in their playing - Donnelly's creativity and sense of melody makes the whole project work. She's angelic and demonic, caring and bitchy, a princess and a punk. She's a master at singing with her feelings and the scope of which she draws from is so far without bounds. "Abominations", therefore, is as spicy as metal can get, and Schoolyard Heroes should be thanked for serving us this sonic entree.

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