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Band Name Xerxes The Dark
Album Name [Ab]Solution
Type Album
Released date 25 May 2017
Labels DMT Records
Produced by Morego Dimmer
Recorded at DIM Studio
Music StyleDark Ambient
Members owning this album1


 Departing Scene
 Limbo (Opus 1 - Entrance)
 Limbo (Opus 2 - Lost & Lorn)
 Realizing Flashbacks
 Longing to Return
 Retrocausality (Album Edit)
 Deliverance (by Light)

Total playing time: 54:42

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Xerxes The Dark

Comment @ darkaryanmoon

20 July 2017

Abstract, cerebral and enveloping, with a complete absence of melody. This one will easily convince

Iranian sound artist and quite active in the uncompromising dark ambient scene since 2006, Morgo Dimmer (aka Xerxes The Dark) is back with a new digital release. He recently delivered quite a puzzling effort in collaboration with Alphaxone (also from Iran), and Council of Nine for the key independent label Cryo Chamber (headed by Simon Heath from Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun).

Xerxes The Dark’s materials are mostly available as digital releases with a few limited CDR editions notably for the Russian underground label CVLMINIS. This new opus is an outrageously dark and malevolent ambient release which gives a large space to massive catacomb-esque drone sequences, industrial noises, found sounds and various electronic treatments. The general mood tends to be abstract, cerebral and enveloping, with a complete absence of melody. Deep, sonorous and nebulous textures flow endlessly in a bleak primordial space. Some parts include an ascending and funereal religious flavor as in the terrific “Limbo.” Similar obsessional and otherworldly doomscapes can be heard in the industrial droning work of Mesektet, Amon, Atrium Carceri or Abandoned Asylum.

This one will easily convince fans of the most experimental vein of dark ambient music.

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