Vastator : VASTATOR have completely finish the recording of their brand new album

Samstag 26 Juni 2010 - 11:21:43 by Kerbinator

Chilean Metal Heroes Vastator have completely finish the recording of their
Brand New album entitled "Machine Hell" ! This one will be made of 11
songs + bonus-video of the signle "The Gods Give No Reply" featuring
Veronica FREEMAN of Benedictum ! Another guest on the album is
guitarist Metal MIKE known for his with with Metal GOD Rob Halford and

CD Version of the album will be releases in September 2010 thru Inferno Records !!!

Artwork of the album has been made by well-known artist Mattias NOREN ( who is responsible for artworks of some bands like Andromeda, Evergrey, INTO ETERNITY...

This new album show a more mature & heavier side of Vastator !


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