Together To The Stars : 3 new members becoming a full band

Mittwoch 08 September 2021 - 19:26:03 by TheGorothInside

On September 4, 2021 two-piece music project Together To The Stars announced the recruitment of three new members, becoming a full band. David Steinmarck wrote that he and his band mate Franco Fuentes were looking for new members for some time lately to be able to perform live shows in the future.

The new line-up is:

Franco Fuentes - vocals

David Steinmarck - guitar

William Zackrisson - guitar

Magnus Brolin - drums

Sebastian Ryderberg - bass

Read the band's statement below:

Hey, major update. Together to the Stars is now a five piece band. Me and Franco have for some time been trying to get together a full band to at least be able to play live with, and we went through a couple of people in the process. But then everything just clicked, it felt so natural. And for a while now all of us five have become just more and more involved in the process, to the point that they cannot be called just live members anymore. These are some of the best musicians I have ever met, and it feels so right to have these people in our family. So, Together to the Stars is now:

Franco Fuentes - Vocals

David Steinmarck - Guitar

William Zackrisson - Guitar

Magnus Brolin - Drums

Sebastian Ryderberg - Bass

Hope to see you all soon




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