Save Our Souls (USA-2) : Guitarist Elias Tannous kicked out of the band

Freitag 01 April 2011 - 09:20:38 by Jan91

Elias Tannous stated that he isn't SOS's guitarist anymore:

"I dont know what happened but these kids said they do not
want me to be a part of SOS anymore. Its BS!! Im The One who sent you
and every other fan we have a cd and took the time to care about the
people listening to our music. No matter what they say on the profile,
they never let me discuss anything and made all my decisions for me. I
really think Hollywood changed us alot and Im not sure what Im going to
do at this point. They have all my music and stuff so Im not sure what
to do. Just had to let you know since you really supported us alot.
Please continue to support SOS however I will not be a part of the
group. Ill never forget you and thanks for making me feel like I was
doing something right.


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