Pirosaint : Launches campaign to help their singer

Mittwoch 09 Juli 2014 - 19:51:43 by Pirosaint

New York-based band Pirosaint HAS launched, via their website, to gather money to aid one of its members. The campaign, called "100 for a friend," will look to sell 100 copies of 'Infected Brutality,' material that was recently remastered and reissued for digipack format. The band HAS also created a donation page, where anyone can donate to help. All of the money raised by this campaign will go straight to Gonzalo Rodriguez to aid him and his family, who LOST their Home to a house fire.

Buy one hard copy at this location: http://goo.gl/ylr6GK
Make a Donation via Paypal at this location: http://goo.gl/6Fhqzo

The members of the band have commented:
"We feel powerless as a result of this tragedy. Even though he and his family are fine, they have LOST everything due to a fire. Gonzalo is currently in Chile, Far away from us, but we hope he knows that he HAS out support and that he will recover from this situation very soon."

This is a small setback for the band, as they are currently recording the vocal tracks for the upcoming release. More information at its official website or its Official Facebook page.


Source : http://www.digmetalworld.com/


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