Lonewolf : Introduce New Band Member

Sonntag 20 März 2016 - 09:55:58 by Hellsheimer

LONEWOLF HAS a new guitarist! The band recently announced that Alex Hilbert decided to leave the band due to personal reasons.

Vocalist Jens comments:
»Alex fascinated me with his amazing/unique sense and feeling for music and his incredible talent. I learned so much playing at his side/composing with him. You'll hear on "The Heathen Dawn" leads & solos that I Dare to say are some of the best he Ever made! A great conclusion to his "Lonewolf years", this album is the greatest gift he could deliver us for his last recording!«

Michael Hellström, band leader of Elvenstorm, is stepping into Alex's shoes and HAS joined Lonewolf as new guitarist!

Jens about Michael joining LONEWOLF:
»Replacing Alex is not an easy thing, but I do know one thing: Michael is the right MAN for the job, and the brother-in-arms that we needed. Technically, of course, but especially humanely.

A brother is gone, another arrives. In The Darkness there is always a light: Believe me, one thing is for sure... We are Far from being buried and there are a lot of beautiful things to come!«

LONEWOLF's new album "The Heathen Dawn" will be released on May 20, 2016 via Massacre Records.


Source : http://www.carrycoal.de/


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