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"Even after metal music became my job, I still have that fire growing inside. It’s not just a routine, or just because it’s money and that’s it. I think it wouldn’t be as nice if we were just a band playing because of money. We still like it! And people feel it." Check out the interview that Spirit of Metal did with the lead singer and guitar player from Vader, Peter Wiwczarek!!!!

interview VaderYou are starting a North American tour tonight here in Santa Ana. The last time you were here in North America was in 2010… 3 years! Why did you take this long to come back?
Hard to say... just, no opportunities to “hit the spot” in these 3 years. We are busy enough in Europe and we are busy enough with new albums.
Now we found Steve [Worley]’s agency, to start a new “chapter” in the US (new guys promoting us) and Nuclear Blast too…promoting us.
As you mentioned, today was the first night and I’m dead tired because we arrived today, we haven’t had enough time to see [adapt to] the time difference. But, it was a pretty good crowd tonight. I was impressed so, I hope… I believe it is going to be a pretty good start for this tour.

You guys have just done a bunch of summer festivals in Europe and also a few concerts in South America. Is it a big shock to now be here in North America and play these smaller venues?
That’s the beauty of being a musician in this kind of music. Because we play in small places, we play in big stadiums and actually the people, the crowd, the fans are the most important thing. I don’t care about how many people. I care about how they react. And usually they react pretty awesome.
Actually, the existence of Vader for so many years (30 years of existence), is because of them and this is probably the biggest achievement of the band: after so many years we are still playing, we still have fans… 3rd generation probably of Vader fans (laughs).
So, we are not afraid of the size, you know? Big festivals: ok. But personally, I prefer to play in a smaller place where we can see people, feel people. Festivals are a big mass… maybe good for promotion because you can perform for more people but, the real show is when you may feel and see the band in a small place.

That being sad…I was at Summer Breeze this year and in my opinion your concert was for sure one of my top favorites!
Really? Thank you.

It was so energetic! There was so much energy coming from the public and from you guys. Is it always like that with you, when you play festivals?
Usually, yeah. 90% of the festivals, 90% of all the shows are like this. Because it’s metal and people know what to expect from Vader. We have energy, we give energy and the crowd takes the energy… that’s what metal is all about. That’s why I
interview Vader started to be a fan of this music, years ago, since I was a kid. I’m still a fan of that. That’s why I continue… because I like it.

You just mentioned the fact that Vader has been playing for the past 30 years. I’m sure you had many difficulties throughout this time… What makes you always keep pushing forward?
Passion. Because passion is like a power [source] to keep going. You know? I could say problems is my [middle] name because in my whole career there were so many problems. But because I really like and believe in what I do and I love the music, no problems can stop me and us as a band.
Even after metal music became my job, I still have that fire growing inside. It’s not just a routine, or just because it’s money and that’s it. I think it wouldn’t be as nice if we were just a band playing because of money. We still like it! And people feel it. What can I add to that? (laughs).

Talking about next year… you guys will be releasing a new album!
Yeah. We’ll enter the studio in the end of the year. We are starting drums this time, in England, because it’s closer to Jimmy’s [James Stewart] place. We’ll start about mid-November but, the main part (guitars and everything), we are going to do in Hertz studio, which is like my second house. I just feel good in that place.
I’m not sure about the production, who will be taking care of that. We are still thinking about it. But, I’m sure is going to be nice.
We have a new drummer, and a pretty talented one so, I just want to show his potential on the album. But, can’t say how that is going to be like. I have ideas, I’ve been collecting for months now. I’ve got the titles and songs written but I can’t say how it will sound… it’s going to be Vader for sure (laughs).

You mentioned a title for the album in some interviews: “Straight to Hell”?
It’s just a working [title]. I’m sure it’s not going to be that. I mentioned hell, because hell is going to be a key word in this album. We have used key words before. We used blood, darkness… This time is hell, and of course hell has different meanings.

When should the fans expect to see it in stores?
I talked to Nuclear Blast in Europe and it’s probably going to be April/May [2014], just before next holidays. So, we need time to talk about the album, to promote the album, which usuall
interview Vadery takes 2 to 3 months after the master tape goes to the record company.

After the release of the album, another world tour…?
Of course. Playing live is the meaning of Vader. Albums are just a must. It’s a milestone in your career, is kind of a tag in the history of the band. But the most important thing it is what comes after that.
So, for sure we are going to do the next big tour in Poland, a big tour (at least once) in Europe. I hope we are going to come to the US, so it is not going to be another 3 years. South America… China is coming up… Japan of course. The world is big enough to travel across a few times in two years, I would say.

I’m curious about something. I’m from Brazil. Most metalheads there of course know Sepultura, Krisiun, Angra… and we are really proud about these bands and their international success. Is it the same for Polish metal fans with Polish?
Fans yeah, the government not. Because we have a too Christian government and sometimes they try to make problems for bands.
The most known person now in Poland is Nergal from Behemoth. He was like, in a relationship with a pop star in Poland (she is pretty well known in Poland). And then he became a known person there.
He had problems because he was tearing a bible in a performance… he had a trial in front of a judge because of that. That’s bullshit of course! Promotion for him (laughs)… but it is bullshit.
I also respect Brazil for this passion. As you said, you are proud of that. Poland is close to that. Polish fans are proud of the bands but not AS proud as Brazilians and South Americans.
For years South America has been pretty metal. Since I started to trade and send letters in the old days. I was communicating with people from Brazil, Chile, Colombia… crazy!
When we go to Brazil, we still have fans who remember the old days and new kids coming to the first row screaming! It’s great! Something that makes people happy. Even in unhappy hours some metal can help… to [takes a breath], take a breath and forget about problems.

Last question: anymMessages to the Spirit of Metal viewers?
We are waiting on stage for everybody. Actually that’s why we are here, that’s why we exit. We love metal, we are metal fans and we give this energy to fans. So, we are waiting for fans everywhere in the world. Don’t be afraid to visit us and check Vader… go and do it! (laughs)

Interview done by Deesse_de_la_nuit

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