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SOM has met Sepultura's guitarist Andreas Kisser to have a chat about the band's latest album, called Kairos. But we didn't stop there: we also talked about the current tour that Sepultura is doing in North America with Krisiun and Death Angel, the band's opinion about the way the fans are receiving their work and about some recent "drama" over a possible reunion with the band's original lineup. Check it out!

interview SepulturaYou guys are starting tonight (April 20th 2012) a tour in North America with Krisiun and Death Angel. What do you expect out of this tour?
I expect only the best (laughs). It’s great to be back in America first [of all], especially [because it’s the] first time we have a Brazilian band [Krisiun] playing with us outside Brazil. I remember that in the 90’s we tried to do that with Ratos de Porão and some other bands but they couldn’t put their stuff together, you know? We couldn’t support an opening band like that. Krisiun nowadays, have their own “legs”, let’s say. It’s great to have this opportunity. And of course, Death Angel: such a great name and great friends as well.

We have very good expectations. Our album [Kairos] was very well received here, in the States. We played here last year before the album was out and now the album is out so… it’s great!

Last time you guys played here in LA, you did the concert with Angra. How did that go? And also: will this tour with Krisiun be more “appropriated” because of the band’s style?
I think so. Sepultura and Angra are very different, although they are from the same metal “universe” (laughs). We did some shows [with Angra] in Brazil that were great, they worked fucking great. I think that in Brazil people know a lot more about both bands. It was cool to mix the hard core death metal fans with the melodic ones. We jammed together after every show so, it was great.

In the States it didn’t work that great. I think they had their crowd [Angra], it was a good show for both of us but I don’t know if it would make sense to do a whole tour [with each other]. It was great for two shows only… it was cool.

So… after this tour you and Krisiun will go separate ways and then you will “reunite” in Barge to Hell. What are you expecting out of this festival?
Barge to Hell!!! It’s a great concept. Sepultura did last year a “rock cruise” in Brazil. It was a “motorcycle” cruise, more of a rock n’roll cruise. It was great... it was amazing. And now we have the chance to do this one in the Caribbean with many great bands. I think we know 80% of the bands [playing there] from history, from playing together, including Krisiun, Sacred Reich and Possessed. So, I think it is going to be amazing: metal on the sea, music everywhere…

We have the opportunity to play two shows. It’s cool because we could do two totally different sets. We have so many songs and so many different things that we could do. I think it will be interesting.

After this North American tour is over and before Barge to Hell begins: what are Sepultura’s plans?
We are going to be on the road “forever”, pretty much. We have this tour here, up until May. Then, we will go to Brazil and stay 2 weeks there. After that we have to prepare for Rock in Rio, May 25th, in Lisbon. We are going to play the same show that we did in Brazil last year [at Rock in Rio 2011, in Rio de Janeiro] with Tambour du Bronx , the percussion French group. So, we are going to practice in Lisbon and on May 25th we are going to do the show. Then we are going to stay in Europe for many festivals.

We are going to do many shows in Greece and Spain (places we didn’t go last year), we are going to play at Wacken again, with Tambour du Bronx as well. We will play in some other festivals like Bloodstock in the UK, Interlaken in Switzerland and many other places.

We will play at the Orion Metal Fest, the Metallica Fest in Atlantic City in June. We are very excited to be in that festival. It’s amazing… we are much honored. In November we have a tour in Indonesia and maybe Japan and Australia as well.
interview SepulturaBR/>And then who knows? Maybe come back to the US again. We are talking about it with some really cool bands so hopefully we can come back at the end of the year.

Last year Sepultura has released Kairos. Now that the album has been released for almost a year, what can you say about it?
The album came out and received some really positive reviews, positive responses. It’s a very strong album, it talks about ourselves, it talks about Sepultura.

We are the main influence of everything inside the album, musically and lyrically. It talks about the 26 years of our career and our history. And most important, it talks about the momentum in which we are today, besides all the changes inside and outside the band: what Sepultura is today. That’s what matters.

The album is really doing what it is suppose to be doing: putting the music out there. We can really feel the feedback, not only from our friends and internet, but especially on our shows. People are singing the lyrics; they know what the new album is all about.

We are playing [during the live concerts] 5 songs from the new album, which is pretty cool for nowadays… most bands are playing the old stuff. It’s working great. It’s great to play the new stuff live, we are enjoying it a lot.

Any plans for new DVDs to be released this year?
This year I don’t know. Of course we have the shows with Tambour du Bronx on Rock in Rio fest. We are doing that in Brazil as well in 2013. The idea is to shoot a DVD with them, probably next year.

We are filming a documentary about the band as well but, probably for next year too. This year is mainly touring, going everywhere with Kairos. And also really thinking about the next one [album]. We have already started to talk about new ideas; music ideas are flowing everywhere, all the time.

We have Eloy Casagrande as our new drummer; he joined the band last November. We did a tour in Europe last year, we have just come from Russia… So, next step is to really start trying to write and to prepare a new album.

Talking about Eloy now: is he adapting well?
Yeah! Fucking great! I mean… 21 years old you know? He is very young; he has a lot of energy, a lot of … urge to be here.

Jean Dolabella, who left Sepultura, is a great musician; he brought a lot of fucking intensity. He recorded Kairos with us but he had to do some other stuff. He couldn’t be on the road that much.

So, I guess we were lucky again to find such a great musician to be there, when we needed. It’s great that Eloy is here with such passion. He was a fan of the band and Igor especially… and Jean as well. It’s great to have a kid like this bringing a lot of new energy for us.

So, do you think that Eloy will be contributing with some inputs to the new album?
Yeah! Every new musician who comes to the picture brings his own characteristics. That’s the beauty, that’s how we grow and how we do something new and different. I think that’s great.

Of course he will have his own way of bringing his ideas, his own way of playing and performing. I’m very excited to start working on something new actually, so, let’s see.

You mentioned that Kairos did really well here in America but, in your opinion, are fans and media being opened minded with your most recent albums or are the expectations still based on a Sepultura that doesn’t exist anymore? Do you still have these types of comments being made?
Yes… we have everything (laughs). Sepultura had so many different albums, even with the same formation. If you compare Arise, Chaos AD and Roots, they are very very different from each
interview Sepulturaother and it was the same lineup, the same people working [on them]. Well, actually it wasn’t, because we were changing. Everybody changes.

People, specially here in the States, have a hard time… not everybody of course but some of the fans here, have a bad time putting that to rest, to accept reality, what it is today. And Kairos has a lot to do with that: it makes sure that you see what is going on now and not being trapped somewhere in the past.

But that’s a part of it, you know? I respect any kind of opinion. There are so many Sepultura in people’s minds. Anyone can have an opinion, and that’s great you know? But at the same time what matters is what we do, what we believe in. The Sepultura “spirit” is very much alive, always looking forward, respecting where we came from but living the present as much as we can. That’s the important thing, not trying to repeat stuff that not there anymore. That would be kind of pathetic.

But, you know, we are going to live with that forever. It’s part of our lives. I think fans are still going to be crying but… less. It’s getting less [frequent] because we are always working towards now, to what we do now: working on songs and doing honest music, not try to fool our fans. Because, if you try to do music for A, B or C, you are going to try to fool them, it’s not going to be you expressing yourself, which is what music is supposed to be. Sepultura always kept that very “safe”. We always like to do whatever we like to do, like it or not. I think it is the same to any form of art, any form of expression, you know? Just… speak up! (laughs).

In the beginning of the year you guys had to release a video to the fans saying that there won’t be any reunion with Sepultura’s “old” lineup. About the drama… is it ever going to stop?
I think it did. Definitely, outside the States, people don’t even talk about it. I can understand [why it happens] in the States, because of the internet and stuff. Of course we have so many fans here (that’s why we are here). And we have received many positive reactions for Kairos, there are a lot of people who gets it: “Yeah, that’s what it is, we are here… 2012 (laughs). “. But you know, there will always be somebody who thinks it should be this or that. And that’s cool… I don’t wish it to die. It is a part of our history, its part of Sepultura and what we are.

But, I have to admit that it is a little bit of an exaggeration with Sepultura. So many different bands have had so many different lineups and people accept that. But … I don’t know… not with Sepultura (laughs).

Sepultura has accomplished so much throughout its history. What is there left to be done?
I don’t know. It’s just a privilege to be here. All I can say is that concept: to live the moment. Respect the past and really learn from that, especially with the mistakes and the good stuff we did.

Just keep the music going, you know? There is so much we can do with music. We were just talking about projects that could go on for 2 or 3 years [Tambour du Bronx, Rock in Rio, DVD releases, etc]. So… time flies (laughs). We just need to respect this momentum… the now. I think that’s enough to keep going.

Any messages to our readers?
Yeah! It’s great to be back in America. And for the “Sepulfundamentalists” (laughs): give yourself a change, because we celebrate the whole history of Sepultura on our show. We play music from every album. We at least try to do that. We represent everything regardless of the lineup, the politics, the labels and stuff. We respect the music and that’s it. So, it’s great to be here and hopefully everybody will show up and have a good time!
Interview done by Deesse_de_la_nuit

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